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Here’s a confession, I’ve always wanted to be a witch. Throwing spells, wearing a cloak, studying a lot for my OWLs were part of the dream. Since my letter to Hogwarts did not arrive, I decided on a professional interview.

Meet Bambi Leong Kai Mei, better known online as DarkWitchBambi, the 28-year-old “witch” in Singapore. With an online store and the physical store called The Love Witch, Bambi catches the huge $ 70,000 a month.

We found her to determine if she is as magical as she looks and what it means to be a current witch in Singapore.

Witchcraft 101

You would be surprised to know that Bambi did not attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Witchcraft, but graduated with a degree in Political Science from Singapore National University.

Like most witches and Maybelline, he was born with her.

For me, being a psychic in the first place was what drove my success. Being able to see spirits and hear the other world and then use a physical system as a pendulum to confirm it all made my review of over 1,000 five-star stars so far.

– Bambi Leong, founder of DarkWitchBambi and The Love Witch

In addition, Bambi mentions that her family, especially the women on her mother’s side, has always been spiritually sensitive, so this career did not surprise her family as one might think.

Bambi started the Carousell e-commerce market with a tarot card reading service. A bit of technicality of not putting the “spiritual services” exemption from liability and his business was shut down.

She wasn’t too worried, as some of her prominent groups of friends, including Lorraine Warren’s grandson, Chris McKinnell and well-known Etsy vendors like GreyKindredSpirits, encouraged Bambi to take his boat to a more international platform.

Subsequently, in 2019 he launched his own website, DarkWitchBambi, which includes an online store where you can buy a lot of spells, ritual oils, loaded candles and spell accessories.

Given the success of his Etsy store, which earned about $ 30,000 a month, he started the first physical store called The Love Witch Singapore in Sim Lim Square.

Image credit: The Love Witch

Not only that, but Bambi also offers classes for you to become a witch or sorcerer, with two levels and a complete curriculum. Their last batch of 30 students have just completed the course and are now full-fledged witches.

In all, Bambi said he earns $ 70,000 a month, which was enough to retire his mother.

Set the magic in motion

Bambi to The Love Witch
Image credit: The Love Witch

The most interesting part of Bambi’s job description is, of course, casting spells.

“DarkWitchBambi and The Love Witch Singapore offer services and products that help with love, money, protection and reverse generational curses,” Bambi explained.

Both companies also “offer people a real physical experience to communicate with higher deities, especially with a writing pendulum and a portal. Anyone can enter The Love Witch Singapore and try the portals with a pendulum.”

Seeing as we are a lot of skeptics, I was curious about the reception of Singaporeans in the face of Bambi’s powers and abilities. It seems like we may not be as cynical as I thought.

After receiving a lot of local media coverage, Bambi tells me that his clientele is now made up largely of Singaporeans. Before, its customers were more international.

“We have a lot of people asking for the curses to be removed, as well as increasing money and luck and also enchanting spells,” Bambi says. Yes, the appeal of winning the first prize for 4D is enough to turn any non-believer.

Interestingly, when it comes to heart issues, Bambi is not a person who cares unnecessarily.

“We reject 80 percent of love spells, mainly because we are proud of factors such as compatibility, mental health and safety of our clients to prevent an attack from any karmic problem.”

“Ultimately, we want to improve the mental health of our customers and not let anyone sink into despair.” After all, a spell can’t help a horrible personality when it comes to loving.

Double, double work and problems

When it comes to spells, it’s not that simple to shake a wand. It is a process that involves a lot of preparation and consultation with deities and tarot cards.

Before a spell and ritual are performed, it is essential to “see” and “hear” clearly from a particular deity you want to work with. Then it is necessary to ask their permission to cast spells for others.

– Bambi Leong, founder of DarkWitchBambi and The Love Witch

Bambi acts as the intermediary between the deities and their customers before they are granted what they want. It’s a long process that explains why your spells start at $ 160 S to $ 30,000 for a spell. The more complicated the spell, the more expensive it is.

the price of the love witch
Image credit: The Love Witch

For example, a simple protection against white magic would only cost $ 160 S, but let’s say you’d want to banish your annoying comrades (yes, that’s what it says), it will be a little more, say, $ 380 S. Then , for the eternal curses, in fact, are quite serious, it will be 30,000 US dollars because, after all, you are cursing them for eternity.

“The success of a spell is through the thorough consultation of the tarot reading with at least three to four coherent confirmation cards, the search for permits from higher deities, the performance of the ritual with energetic work and offerings, and, in then confirmation once again with the deities using a pendulum as well as the reading of the tarot “.

Since some of his co-workers are powerful beings, you have to wonder if Bambi gets caught in the crosshairs.

“There was never a time when I was endangered by the spirits / deities I work with (a lot of people are wrong about the fact that there are‘ evil ’higher beings), but think about it, we’re too insignificant. so they don’t want to mess with us, ”he said simply.

A lifelong call

When you have the description of the witch job, it’s hard not to find yourself with raised eyebrows, and Bambi is no stranger to that.

“I think a lot of people confuse my work as something of the new era. It’s not, “he said firmly.

Then there are those who do not think that what he does is a scam, which he rationalizes: “What I do is the same as the leaders of religious / institutionalized establishments, except that the difference is that I work with very ancient deities like such as Hecate, Ishtar, Eir, etc., that is, to consecrate, bless objects, and ask permission from higher deities. “

Through the media, we are bombarded with images of witches who use their powers to commit misdeeds and malicious intentions; and Bambi hopes to dispel all that.

“At the end of my life, I hope to use every drop of my talent for humanity. I hope that at the end of my life people will love each other and drop all forms of manipulation and schemes. ”

witch bambi leong singapore
Image credit: The Love Witch

A job like Bambi’s is a commitment he wants to maintain in the long run.

“I think not only do I firmly believe in the deities I work with, but they have also helped me a lot in sorting out my depressive thoughts and becoming a strong person,” he said.

The protection spells and reversal of generational curses are in a working day, but Bambi has higher aspirations. He dreams of opening schools in third world countries, equipping children with the skills they need to make a living and use their magic to instill good values.

So if you ever need a little help with this job promotion or maybe make sure Karen’s office stops eating your yogurt, The Love Witch is at your service. Oh, and she also takes GrabPay.

Featured Image Credit: The Love Witch

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