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Most of us are aware of the health risks of smoking, but a new study suggests that this dangerous symptom of heart disease is common in smokers.

Smoking has long been associated with a variety of health problems. While this was not the case today, teens and adults are well aware of the negative side effects of the habit, which has been linked to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, lung disease and more.

A new study shows evidence that strokes may be one of the first signs of heart disease occurring in smokers. Researchers also found that cardiovascular disease is the main adverse health effect among smokers.

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The study, published in Journal of the American Heart Association, was conducted by researchers who wanted to raise awareness about the risk of cardiovascular disease when it comes to smoking.

“There is often more awareness and concern about cancer as a result of smoking than heart disease, so we wanted to better define the risks of smoking related to different types of cardiovascular disease and, most importantly, cardiovascular death. “. said the study’s lead author, Sadiya S. Kahn, MD.

The research included data from more than 106,165 adults in the U.S., aged 29 to 79, free of cardiovascular disease at the start of the study. Participants were organized by smoking status and sex, and the researchers found a variety of results that were surprising in terms of the strong relationship between smoking and cardiovascular disease.

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Some findings include that middle-aged women who smoke are twice as likely as non-smokers to suffer from fatal cardiovascular disease. In the case of men, smokers were 10% more likely to have a long-term risk of cardiovascular disease compared to non-smokers. There was also evidence to suggest that younger smokers are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than non-smokers, with a risk that increases as people smoke longer.

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There is a lot of evidence that smoking is bad for your health, especially if done for long periods of time. Although smoking is addictive and difficult to quit, there is growing evidence to suggest that the sooner you do, the better results your body will have, from lung health to heart health.

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