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In 2020, unemployment and reduction rates increased as the Covid-19 pandemic affected the labor market in Singapore.

Employment grew in the first quarter of 2021 for the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic, according to advanced estimates released by the Ministry of Labor (MOM).

However, despite improvements in employment rates, the labor market has not returned to pre-existing conditions and many companies are still in the process of restructuring and reorganizing.

According to the ex Labor Minister Josephine Teo, there could still be “job pockets,” and both employers and job seekers are encouraged to keep an open mind as job profile profiles have changed.

The government has deployed since then SGUnited program and service suite which aims to provide a cushion to job seekers and companies affected by the pandemic.

To consolidate all available services, the Government Technology Agency (GovTech), Workforce Singapore (WSG) and SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) launched new employment support modules in the LifeSG app for jobseekers.

Vulcan Post spoke with three Singapore job seekers to understand how LifeSG’s new employment support modules helped them in their job search.

A more user-focused approach

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The sheer number of different job search platforms, from Telegram channels to LinkedIn and JobStreet, can make the whole job-finding process extremely tedious and complicated.

This is especially important if the job seeker is unsure of their professional interests or the particular industry they would like to enter.

Siti Munirah Ezar, in particular, left her job as a management support officer in August last year to focus on caring for her children full time.

The graduate in Business Science is now looking to rejoin the workforce, but like many, she’s not sure what to follow. That’s why the “Discover Your Interests” section of the “Job Search Support” guide was especially helpful.

“I didn’t know what role suited me, so the online assessment tools helped me study some possible careers I can embark on,” he told Vulcan Post after testing the feature.

“By figuring out what I want, I can better apply for relevant jobs, rather than leaving the network too wide.”

On the other hand, recent graduate Dylan Teo found that the “Look for job opportunities”It was more useful for him as a new job seeker.

The 25-year-old has been looking for work since February, but has not received many favorable responses.

“The LifeSG app allowed me to easily explore online job offers with MyCareersFuture, which is useful as I don’t need to dedicate my time to browsing multiple websites,” said the graduate of Singapore National University.

“In addition, there is also the option of attending trade fairs and networking events, which I think is very important when looking for work.”

Clearly, the LifeSG app caters to different types of job seekers, from those looking for their first job to those who want to re-enter the workforce after a period of time.

For example, recent graduates would find the options “Get professional advice and training” and “find job opportunities” more useful, while mid-career individuals are likely to find more value in “changing careers” and “improving your skills.” “.

LifeSG application
A summary of the content provided in the employment support guides in the LifeSG app

Other services include getting financial help if you are unemployed or have a salary and information about fair reduction practices.

In accordance with data published by the MOM in September 2020, about 11,350 people lost their jobs in the first half of last year.

Contractions in the second quarter of 2020 exceeded the maximum that occurred during the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003.

In addition, more companies announced pay cuts or pushed employees to leave unpaid leave in the midst of the pandemic and recession.

Although the government has deployed several financial plans to help those affected, many may have been previously unaware due to the large amount of information available online.

The LifeSG application will be useful to help those affected understand what kind of help they are offered and how to apply for it.

Skill and retraining as a key form of progress

LifeSG application
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According to a recruitment expert Grant Torrens, Singapore regional director of Hays, employers start hiring based on “skill groups rather than a perfect traditional fit on paper”.

Even before the pandemic occurred, employers were already moving toward a more competency-based approach to recruitment, which has since accelerated Covid-19.

The Singapore government has also encouraged Singaporeans to continue to acquire new skills and abilities, so that they would not be left behind in the race for employment.

With this, SkillsFuture programs aim to help Singaporeans find a foundation for retraining and empowerment, as well as to support lifelong learning.


Samuel Lim, who is currently in work, found the LifeSG app useful for helping him in his quest to learn new skills.

The 26-year-old has a degree in Economics and aims to pursue a career in software development. In addition to actively seeking new opportunities in the field, he also makes an extra effort to acquire new skills.

“The LifeSG app allows me to manage all my SkillsFuture credits with ease. I can also browse and request courses available through the app, which is much easier than switching between different web pages, ”said Samuel.

LifeSG application
Screenshot of LifeSG

The “government benefits” section of the LifeSG app allows users to view their SkillsFuture credit balance as well as access the SkillsFuture portal.

In addition to the SkillsFuture credit, there are a lot of training funds and grants that Singaporeans can apply for, which Siti only met when using the LifeSG app.

“I thought that to improve my skills I can only use SkillsFuture credits, but there are also workshops to help you write resumes, trust and interviews for your job search,” he said.

The 31-year-old said she was concerned that her interviewing skills would be rusted, so the service would be very beneficial in helping her increase her employability chances.

He also believes that improving and improving his skills also provides him with a better chance of fighting, or competitive advantage, against younger job seekers.

A unique resource center for Singapore

The LifeSG app works very much like a unique platform to connect Singaporeans to various government services, from checking your CPF balance to renewing your seasonal parking on HDB farms.

The newly added job support modules also greatly help Singaporeans in all aspects of finding work.

Finding a job can be a very overwhelming process, but LifeSG will be able to provide help to job seekers from start to finish, from interviewing skills to attending virtual career fairs and participating in courses for develop new skills.

Start by getting job search help at your fingertips here

This article was written in collaboration with Workforce Singapore.

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