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In the kingdom of alternative careers, being a live streamer seems like one of the funniest and perhaps most lucrative. The live streaming game service, Twitch, has been gaining momentum in Singapore, with a handful of Singaporeans joining the platform as full-time streamers.

In October, a unfortunate hack in the Twitch database revealed a lot of information, including payments from the creators.

While we don’t notice any data breaches, it’s interesting to note that a couple of local Twitch streamers made the list. As a side note, this breach showed the highest revenue for Twitch streamers between 2019 and 2021.

We contacted three Twitch streamers from the list, namely arthars, Denise Teo of supercatkei and Vtuber Stal, to take a look behind the live streaming curtain.

The decision to go full time

While the streamers on the list have amassed a fairly tidy sum, the full-time streaming path is not without its hurdles. Like any job, there are ups and downs of full-time streamers.

As one of the top earners on the list, with a reported income of $ 105,385.43, a Final Fantasy streamer, Arthars took a while before moving on to a full-time job.

Image credit: arthars

“It took me two years after I started streaming to take that position, and since then I’ve been working hard not only to play, but also to do video editing and collaborate with brands to expand my revenue streams. to stream to a full-time job. ”

Although Arthars has one of the highest incomes on the list, “live streaming as a Singaporean is not enough.”

“We need to keep working on our brand, our reach on social media, get noticed and then get extra support outside of streaming to make this a viable full-time job,” Arthars said.

The Twitch Stal streamer
Image credit: Stal

This is seconded by Stal, a Vtuber, who uses an online virtual appearance as a replacement for a webcam. Stal, who went full-time in May 2020 with $ 67,920.61 in revenue, points out that it’s not just about playing video games.

“There’s also a lot of work behind the scenes that people don’t really see or think about, such as content planning, schedules, merchandising, future projects, collaborations,” Stal said.

Singapore supercharger twitch streamer
Image credit: superacatkei

Variety streamer supercatkei stressed that “it’s not as easy as ‘going live and playing'”. “Different streamers do it differently, of course, but some of my streaming content has required weeks of planning and preparation.”

Denise from supercatkei only started playing in August 2020 when she returned from New York City and has garnered 39.1 thousand followers with an income of S $ 86,171.86, an incredible feat for someone which is new to the Twitch scene.

If you managed to capture some of the streams of Supercatkei, its one-year celebration was one 33-hour subathon that garnered 3.3 million views.

There was also his Keimas 2020 stream, his vision of celebrating Christmas, with a gift for each December playback, with prizes including various peripherals, game credits and personalized cards / gifts.

Both flows required heavy planning and coordination, not something she could do right away.

Most people assume that we just play and do nothing but make “easy” money sitting in front of our screens. The truth is, as content creators, we have it a lot of things to do, monitor and improve.

In fact, it’s not just what we stream that defines us as streamer, because the things we do off-stream are just as important, and people don’t see that aspect. Streamers work easily from eight to twelve hours a day, seven days a week too!

Arthars, Final Fantasy streamer

Different opportunities for Singapore streamers

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Despite a somewhat thriving Twitch scene in Singapore, it is still in its infancy. There are some benefits that local Twitch streamers are unaware of that could hinder their success on the platform.

“For example, we do not have access to tax breaks abroad because Singapore does not have a tax treaty with the United States,” Arthars said.

“We also don’t get premium contracts for more revenue with Twitch’s subscription-based revenue system. We’re also streaming an overseas platform that’s still outside the local market in Singapore and Southeast Asia. So , we receive less support and opportunities from local brands and businesses.

This is seconded by Stal, who believes that given the volatile nature of the job, it can be especially “mentally heavy”.

Opportunities in Singapore are also very limited compared to Western countries (America / UK / EU), sometimes [certain opportunities] they are exclusive to them. We don’t have features like Bounty Board on Twitch (still, we cross our fingers) and we can’t escape the 30 percent tax because we don’t have a tax treaty with America.

Stal, Vtuber and Twitch

The best parts of being a streamer

However, being a Twitch streamer has certain advantages, such as the flexibility and the gift of producing content that speaks to you. For Stal, being in the broadcast industry is especially empowering.

Streamer from Twitch Stal Singapore
Image credit: Stal

It’s a little weird to say that, but I feel like I have a business. I’m planning my own schedule, creating my own content, and managing my own platform. When I work for one company, I do it for another person. But when I work for myself, I pursue my dreams. It feels very nice and rewarding.

Stal, Vtuber

The autonomy and independence of being a Twitch streamer is a quality that Arthars also appreciates. “We can produce any content we want that suits us and our style to be successful.”

In addition, as a Twitch streamer, you are offered the freedom and expression of creativity, unlike most jobs.

“Streaming and creating content is unique to each individual, but it also has an audience regardless of what you produce. There is always a market, and each one of us is unique, and there is no fixed path to success, ”he added.

Singapore supercharger twitch streamer
Image credit: supercatkei

For Denise from Supercatkei, the broadcast can also touch people’s lives. “The best part about being a streamer is the impact we can create on other people’s lives, no matter where they are from around the world,” Denise said.

“I’ve never had a platform to be a light and good energy for others in the same way I do now on Twitch, and we’ve been able to come together to do amazing things to help each other and others around the world. ”

She is a strong advocate of mental health flows where she invited a professional therapist to her flow several times to talk about mental health and raise awareness.

She Charity Current has raised A $ 5,600 in four hours, donating profits to two Singapore charities.

His success as a streamer has also led him to form the CATDOJO Tutoring program, where it helps streamers to grow and reach their transmission potential. He directed his first program in April 2020 and currently has seven mentors based in Singapore and the US.

“Singapore ‘s Twitch scene is still relatively small but growing, and I want to be able to offer my experiences and knowledge to streamers. [and] assist them in creating communities and creating content “.

Transmission in 2022

As Twitch grows in Singapore, it is clear that the platform has come to stay. For Vtuber Stal, this means venturing into a variety of content, playing different games, and interacting with his fans.

“If possible, I would like to use my platform to draw more attention to the local VTuber scene. So that I can improve the perception of VTubers and people will be more familiar with the concept.”

Twitch streamer arthars singapore
Image credit: arthars

For Final Fantasy streamer Arthars, he prefers to do things step by step given the capricious nature of the platform.

“Things could change monthly, and we wouldn’t know what to expect,” he said. Still, Arthars welcomes these unknowns, as games have always been his first love and his greatest joy.

“It’s super refreshing and fun, because it’s something I’ve enjoyed doing since I was seven! Playing all day, every day!”

Denise of supercatkei is moving towards 2022 with great aspirations. “I would love to grow my reach globally and create more of a name for supercatkei.”

In addition, it seeks to make more hosting opportunities beyond games and, most importantly, “have more opportunities to do good and spread good energy to people through the platform.”

Featured Image Credit: Arthars, Stal and Supercatkei

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