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A vaccine is the best preventive measure against the spread of COVID-19. However, they are not 100% effective. Here are some things that can make COVID-19 possible after the vaccine.

COVID-19 vaccines are incredibly effective at slowing the spread of the virus. Their use has allowed large percentages of people to return to their normal lives, being able to stay with friends and go to their workplace knowing they are safe from the virus.

Is it possible to get COVID-19 after receiving the shot? Although the odds are low, vaccines are not 100% effective and there is a margin for error. This is known as “COVID-19 advance”.

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Early research suggests that COVID-19 progression is very rare, but that some factors may make it more likely. According to WebMD, the possibility of this can happen if the vaccine has been stored incorrectly, when people have a weakened immune system or if they are exposed to a COVID-19 variant.

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Mistakes when administering vaccines are not common, but include administering too low or too high a dose, using the wrong needle, or improper storage and handling. According to a report published in April this year, there were about 160 vaccine errors that were reported on their own. The CDC requires health care workers to call recipients to inform them of the error.

People with weakened immune systems should keep in mind measures of distancing and community outreach. Studies have shown that weakened immune systems are less likely to produce the same amount of antibodies as normally functioning immune systems, making people with comorbidities more likely to catch COVID-19 despite taking all precautionary measures. adequate.

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Finally, COVID-19 variants still pose a threat. The Delta variant has doubled in the US during the last two weeks, and can be a threat to everyone, regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not, especially when community outreach is high.

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Advancement COVID-19 is unlikely, but remains a possibility depending on factors such as health and where you live. However, having the COVID-19 vaccine is the best preventative measure you can take, so it is important to get the vaccine as soon as you can and be informed.

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