The US says they are considering the vaccine passport


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The United States said Friday that the possibility of creating a vaccine passport for Americans traveling abroad is being seriously considered.

“We’re looking at it very closely,” National Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said of the idea of ​​special documentation for vaccinated Americans who want it. abroad, as inoculation impulses allow Europe and other regions of the world to begin to open themselves from pandemic restrictions.

The administration of President Joe Biden, according to Mayorkas on ABC television, wants to ensure that “any passport we provide for vaccination is accessible to everyone and that no one has the right to deprivation of rights.”

The Mayorkas overseas agency of the Transportation Security Administration.

The European Union is working to introduce a this summer’s travel document so it can re-accommodate tourists in need and some EU countries plan to introduce certificates nationwide.

But the idea is controversial in the US. Some conservative states like Florida and Texas reject the idea of ​​vaccine travel documents on grounds that would violate people’s basic rights.

This week, a lawmaker backing former President Donald Trump caused a stir by saying a vaccine passport would be like the yellow star the Nazis forced Jews to wear.

In April, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said there was no federal law requiring people to get the vaccination certificate in order to travel.

The White House rules out a vaccine “passport” in the US

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