The US completely vaccinates 100 million adults


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The United States has reached a pandemic target of 100 million fully vaccinated adults, White House officials announced Friday.

“There are 100 million Americans with a sense of relief and peace of mind knowing that after a long, hard year they are protected from the virus,” said Jeff Zients, COVID-19 response director. “Knowing their decision to get vaccinated not only protects themselves, but also protects their families, friends and their communities.”

He added: “One hundred million Americans can follow the new CDC guidelines released this week and enjoy going to the park with their family, eating and interacting with their friends outdoors, and many other activities. outdoors without wearing a mask “.

These 100 million represent almost 40% of US adults. A total of 55% of adults now have at least one shot, up from 38% in late March and 19% in late February, he said. The number of fully vaccinated adults has almost doubled since the end of March.

The news reaches the hand of updated guidance of the CDC giving more freedoms to vaccinated Americans. Under the new guidelines, fully vaccinated people can gather outside in activities without masking without masks.

Meanwhile, about 8% of Americans who have received a dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine did not receive their second vaccine, according to top COVID-19 expert Antony Fauci, MD

Fauci stressed the importance of completing both traits, especially when it comes to protection against variants such as B.1.351 – from South Africa – and B.1.1.7 from the UK, which is now the dominant strain in the United States.

“Summary of my message: get vaccinated,” Fauci said, “and if you have a two-dose regimen, make sure you get that second dose.”


White House COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team, Press Session, April 30, 2021

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