The Truth About Confitrol24® – A Bladder Control Supplement for Women


Urinary Incontinence – also known as UI – can be a seemingly dirty phrase. Nobody wants to talk about it but it affects nearly every woman (and many men) at some point in their lives. Have you ever found yourself leaking a little with a sneeze, cough, or laugh? Are you always on the lookout for the nearest bathroom in case of emergency? Do you worry about potentially embarrassing accidents day and night? You are not alone.

From pregnancy to menopause, to even being slightly overweight, Urinary Incontinence can rear its ugly head. There are many reasons you may be experiencing UI. However, there is some good news. If caught early on, most sufferers can control their symptoms and address the root cause of their problems in a safe, natural way.

How Do You Know If You Have a Problem with Bladder Control?

If you’re reading this article, chances are, you probably have a problem. Aside from that, if you’ve found yourself needing to either frequently change your underwear or have recently added pads to your regular routine, it might be time to consider looking for help.

Some common symptoms of UI may include;

  • Frequent trips to the bathroom
  • Unwanted leakage at inappropriate times
  • Lots of late-night bathroom breaks
  • Little to no urination even when urges are strong
  • Unexpected leaks with bad timing

These are just a few of the side effects associated with Urinary Incontinence. Let’s take a closer look at why you may be experiencing these unwanted issues and then we’ll take a deeper dive into how you can control your symptoms both safely and naturally.

What Causes These Issues?

First, let’s just start off by saying it’s normal. The majority of women experience at least some effects throughout their lifetime. That’s because UI is a common problem that occurs when changes to the female anatomy occur. These problems arise when muscles and nerves that help hold and pass urine are affected.1

The most common reasons for Female Urinary Incontinence are:

  • Pregnancy and/or significant changes in weight
  • Childbirth
  • Peri-menopause or age-related menopause

So, you think you might be ready to take control of your Urinary Incontinence? What are the next steps? How do you know when it’s time to take your life back? Let’s check it out.

When Is It Time to Take Action?

Many of the symptoms you’re experiencing can be a normal part of the aging process. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to live with them. When symptoms become more severe to the point of affecting your overall quality of life, it is time to seek help.

More severe concerns associated with UI include;

  • You have frequent, uncontrollable accidents
  • You urinate frequently (8+ times per day)
  • You avoid social events due to bathroom anxiety
  • You are experiencing sleep loss or depression due to UI symptoms

If your symptoms have become overly severe and negatively impact your day-today life, it’s time to see a doctor. Talk to them about introducing Confitrol24® into your daily routine for an all-natural solution that’ll offer long-term relief.

What Are Your Options?

There are loads of natural ways to improve your overall bladder health. We tend to recommend a combination of all of the below to achieve maximum results when it comes to nixing unwanted bladder control issues. Some of these include:

  • Changes to your diet
  • Kegel exercises
  • Reducing your fluid intake
  • Surgery
  • Dietary Supplementation

While these are all viable options, today we’re going to focus on Confitrol24® – and whether it can really back it’s claims with hardcore proof. More and more women are turning to dietary supplements to restore optimal physical, mental, and sexual wellness. If you’ve ever considered doing the same, it’s important to choose wisely.

With demand, also comes supply. As these supplements become more popular among women of all ages, manufacturers find ways to take advantage of unsuspecting customers.

Confitrol24® is considered the leader in treating Urinary Incontinence naturally. But does it really work? We’ve taken an in-depth, investigative approach to finding out just that. Overall, we’ve come to the conclusion that Confitrol24® might just be worth its weight in salt – but at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your individual needs.

What is Confitrol24® & How Does It Work?

As time goes by, our bladder muscles and nerves gradually lose the essential vitamins that work to keep us functioning at optimal capacity. Confitrol24® is a unique proprietary blend of all-natural herbals, amino acids, and minerals designed to replenish our body’s natural, youthful stores.

Over time, the essential ingredients found within the proprietary blend work to restore ideal bladder function and health. Once desired results are achieved, you’re essentially tricking your body into functioning at a much younger (and healthier) rate. Say goodbye to frequent bathroom visits and hello to taking control of your life once and for all.

Do You Need a Prescription for Confitrol24®?

No, you don’t. Because the ingredients found within Confitrol24® are all-natural, you can simply order online and have your supplement shipped directly to your door sans prescription. That being said, it is a good idea to speak with your physician beforehand if you have any underlying medical conditions and/or are taking other prescription medications that may negatively impact the overall outcome of your treatment.

Who Is Best Suited for Confitrol24®?

Confitrol24® is often aimed at aging women who are experiencing the unfortunate effects of menopause. But the truth is, almost anyone (including men) can safely take the supplement to relieve symptoms of UI at any age. In fact, more and more younger women are taking dietary supplements like Confitrol24® as preventative care to combat leaky bladder before it even begins.

*Do not take Confitrol24® if you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult your doctor to find out when you can safely begin taking dietary supplementation for Urinary Incontinence.

How Do You Take Dietary Supplements Like Confitrol24®?

Dietary supplements of any kind require daily ingestion. The manufacturer of Confitrol24® recommends once-daily supplementation that consists of 2 easy-to-swallow gelcaps. It is best to try and maintain a semi-regular schedule when taking Confitrol24® or any other supplement. Aim for a window of about 2-3 hours every day to maintain optimal outcomes.

Confitrol24® does not need to be taken with food. However, if you find you have stomach issues (nausea, upset stomach, or diarrhea) it might be a good idea to eat 10-15 minutes prior to your supplementation. Unless you tend to have a sensitive stomach in general, you should be fine taking Confitrol24® without any qualms.

When Can You Expect to See Initial Results?

If you’re expecting a product that will produce an instant fix to your problem, Confitrol24® is definitely not going to be the solution for you. Albeit, you’re unlikely to find any treatment that will solve your problems if you have unrealistic goals. Supplements like Confitrol24® are designed to build over time within your system. That means, it takes time. Pure and simple.

But, if you’re patient, you might just find a happy ending after all. Many women start to see initial results within about 2-weeks as Confitrol24® restores their body’s natural rhythm. Best results aren’t typically seen until about 4-6 weeks, so patience is definitely key here.

How Long Does Confitrol24® Last?

That’s the great news – Confitrol24® will continue to work as long as you keep taking it. It’s not a supplement that will require you to continuously up your dosages or stack it. While you might be tempted to increase the amount of pills you take, it likely won’t do you much good. Stick with the recommended dosages for optimal outcomes without unwanted side effects.

Is It Safe?

When it comes to products we’re willing to review and/or endorse, it needs to be 100% consumer safe. After careful research, we were unable to find any consumer-reported side effects for Confitrol24®. Use Confitrol24® as directed and you should have no issues in the short or long-term.

As with any health supplement or prescription medication, if you see any adverse reactions, stop use immediately and consult a doctor. You may have an unknown allergic reaction.

Key Benefits of Confitrol24®

One of the main reasons we think Confitrol24® is one of the better bladder control supplements out there is its ability to back its claims. The all-natural proprietary blend uses clinically-proven ingredients that are backed by real science. Each individual ingredient has been optimally dosed for maximum efficacy.

While results can vary depending on the severity of your concerns, you can expect:

  • Less frequent bathroom urges
  • Fewer leaks during laughing, coughing, & sneezing
  • Bathroom visits that offer more than a few drops for a reward
  • Restored confidence throughout the day
  • Fewer bathroom trips during the night
  • Tighter overall pelvic muscles

Sounds great right? But with anything good in life, there is always a downside that needs to be considered. Let’s take a look at some of the drawbacks that might make you think twice before committing to Confitrol24®.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

One of the major drawbacks users find with Confitrol24® is that they’re unable to actually commit to taking it every single day. And the truth is, if you can’t be bothered, the results aren’t going to be anywhere near what you want. When taking Confitrol24®, you’ll need to be prepared to take it for the long haul.

Confitrol24® is a supplement that needs to be taken every day indefinitely. Once you stop supplementation, results will begin to gradually fade over time.

Why Does Confitrol24® Cost More than Similar Supplements?

Confitrol24® isn’t exactly cheap. If you purchase a one-month supply of Confitrol24®, you’ll be out of pocket about $49.99 for the month. That’s a little less than buying a latte every day, but it can still be a budget-killer for some. So, why DOES it cost so much?

It’s the ingredients. Confitrol24® uses a unique proprietary blend (that means no one else has the rights to it). The blend is called Urox™ and contains clinically-proven ingredients such as;

  • Raw Horsetail Extract –- Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, raw horsetail extract is ideal for taming overworked pelvic muscles.2
  • Cratevox® –- In a controlled, double-blind study, Cratevox® showed significant improvement for 80%+ patients when it came to day frequency, night frequency, urgency and overall incontinence. 3
  • Lindera Aggregata Extract –- In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 90% of women at week 8 noticed urinary day frequency was significantly lower. “The outcome of this study demonstrated both statistical significance and clinical relevance in reducing symptoms of OAB, urinary frequency and/or urgency and incontinence.” 4

Keep in mind that purchasing Confitrol24® in larger amounts allows you to receive significant discounts. In some cases, you’ll even qualify for free shipping. And, if you’re not satisfied at the end of your free trial period, just send the empty cartons and/or unused product back to the vendor to receive a full refund.

The Best Place to Purchase Confitrol24®

The only place we recommend buying any supplement is directly from the manufacturer. Why? Several reasons;

  1. You know you’re getting the real deal. No fakes about it.
  2. cGMP-complaint means clinically-proven ingredients at optimal dosages.
  3. You can get bulk discounts (and sometimes free shipping).
  4. 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked (up to 67-days).

Please do not trust any product that is on a 3rd-party website or in a brick and mortar store that claims to be Confitrol24®. Save yourself the time and money by buying right from the people who are certified to make and sell it.

Final Thoughts – Is Confitrol24® Right for You?

Is Confitrol24® right for you? That’s up to you to decide. If you’re willing to commit to daily dietary supplementation every single day, we think you’ll be happy with the overall outcome that Confitrol24® provides. But if you’re looking for a quick fix to your problems, you’re probably not going to find it here. Be patient, give it some time, and if all else fails, return the unused product for a full refund. What’s there to lose?



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