The top 5 digital transformation priorities for healthcare leaders


What you should know:

– Today Innovaccer Inc., the company Health Cloud, has launched the 2021 edition of The science of digital transformation in healthcare and why it is vital for payer-provider collaboration. ”

– The survey report assessed more than 4,000 responses from healthcare professionals during the first six months of 2021 to learn about their knowledge of healthcare organizations ’progress towards digital transformation. It also explores how cloud computing fits the priorities of payers and providers, and how organizations with up-to-date technologies have streamlined operations, reduced costs, improved patient experiences, and achieved clinical excellence.

Current state of the journey of digital transformation in healthcare organizations

The results of the survey reveal that while only 10% of healthcare organizations said they have completed their digital transformation, most respondents plan (23%) or actively work (49%) to enable the digital transformation. . Another 16% are actively looking for a partner to develop and start a plan. 2.5% said they did not know where or how to start.

Telehealth leads the goal of digital transformation for healthcare leaders

Not in vain, expanding telesalut services was named the main goal of digital transformation for many (39%) of respondents. Automation of care management was second with 30% of respondents wanting to create automated patient communication protocols and activators, automated care pathways and coordination steps (20%) and improve skills of triage and rapid risk assessment (11%).

About 10% of organizations said they use real-time information to increase collaboration (which aligns with the 10% that digital transformation has achieved). Almost 12% said they work in silos and 26% said they hardly collaborated. Most (53%) share data as needed, and many do it manually. One-third of respondents said the lack of collaboration between the payer and the provider prevents them from achieving clinical and financial goals.

The 5 main priorities of the digital health transformation

Health leaders name the following five main priorities for digital health transformation:

1. Improvement of clinical operations (68%)

2. establish a culture based on data (51%)

3. Modernize your data platform (38%)

4. Integration of disparate systems (35%)

5. Rationalization of IT spending (25%).

All of these priorities can be achieved through the digital transformation into a health cloud computing platform.

“The pandemic exposed the importance of improving pay-to-pay collaboration, moving to risk, and accelerating the digital transformation,” said Mike Sutten, director of technology at Innovaccer. “Healthcare-dependent health systems saw their business models come to an end, while those that relied on transformative digital technologies to deliver care were better prepared to withstand the storm. We hope these findings help payers and providers to improve collaboration and accelerate the transformation that healthcare needs. “

For more information, download the report here.

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