The search and reference platform, Aunt Bertha changes brand as findhelp


What you should know:

aunt Berta, a search and referral platform based in Austin-TX for social services in the US, announced that it has been renamed find help – a name change that helps clients, organizations, and caregivers instantly understand the company’s mission: to connect all people seeking help and the programs that serve them with dignity and ease.

– The network based on the location of free and low-cost resources for food, housing, goods, traffic, health, money, care, education, work, legal aid and more, is the largest and most active social care network of the country. with more than 552,000 human-verified program locations on the list and at least 1,350 lists serving all counties in America.

– Findhelp’s approach to not complicating social care and destigmatizing the demand for help is at the root of its network and research, which has become even more important during the COVID-19 crisis. Over the past three years, the connections, that is, the people who connect to the programs that help them, have gone from 10,000 per week to 200,000 per week across the country. Its team of data engineers and scientists has reviewed and added hundreds of thousands of organizations and nonprofits across the country over 11 years and integrated them into the network for public access.

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