The platform is launched to help eliminate bias in decentralized testing


The platform is launched to help clinical evaluators eliminate bias in decentralized trials

What you should know:

Obviosaluta decentralized clinical trial platform, has launched a new AI-assisted clinical evaluator platform to eliminate biases in trials.

The platform ePRO increased (results reported by electronic patients), is designed to help clinical evaluators better score patient outcomes, without bias.

Why it matters

As more trials are conducted virtually or in a decentralized manner, clinical researchers are at the mercy of the quality of the information provided by trial participants / patients, who, to be honest, may not be following the instructions well. This is especially difficult for decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) that involve a rating system, where participants must follow a scale to report the spectrum of their symptom or whatever is asked of them (e.g. Is the cough a 1 or an 8?) For this type of rating system, which works on a scale of 1 to 10, or good to bad, patients often rate their symptoms incorrectly. These tests are not as accurate as they could and should be; without a professional evaluator or a system to verify the data entered.

The new platform allows the capture and assessment of more accurate and real-time data for decentralized clinical trials

That IT health The tool includes an annotation option, which allows doctors to detail why a grade was determined. These clinical notes can be used over time to schedule automatic classifications, which will lead to better clinical qualification processes in the future. Allows patients participating in decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) to upload real-time photos, audio, or video using a patient-centered application provided by ObvioHealth. Once the media has been uploaded to the platform, each result is evaluated and scored by a physician and / or an expert evaluator. By using a media-focused platform, biases in clinical assessments can be eliminated exponentially.

“Both patients and clinical experts will benefit from this AI-assisted technology platform during the data collection and evaluation processes,” said Ivan Jarry, co-founder and CEO of ObvioHealth. “But looking to the future, the annotation feature is especially useful, as it allows physicians to easily capture the nuances of patient assessments that can be used to train AI algorithms and lead to clinical qualification processes. even better in the future. “

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