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We bought the pink house last summer, and I think it’s the first time I’ve shared it here on the blog! In this post, I will share my holiday decor as well as what I have achieved to personalize the house so far.

Since this is our part-time home, I am working on it in small chunks (every few months) while visiting our hometown.

During this year’s holiday, I mostly bought in my own garage instead of buying new ones. We ended up getting most of what I needed and I just had to buy some new stuff.

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We bought this already renovated house. It had previously been in very brutal condition (we were shown the photos earlier) and they lowered it to the studs and rebuilt much of the interior of the house. There are many benefits to this. For us, the best professional was ready to move.

It was freshly painted and for the most part we liked the design options. Of course, there were several options that we didn’t like. The largest were the luminaires. We changed almost every light fixture because they had used a lot of mid-century fixtures, and the house is from the 1920s.

The other option I don’t like is that they didn’t keep the crown moldings and the traditional moldings. Instead, they opted for the more modern “masia” style moldings. I don’t love them, but we decided to keep them because it’s expensive to change them.

Possibly we could add roof moldings in the future. I’m between that and the wallpaper that continues on the ceiling of this room. Feel free to rate your opinion in the comments.

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My favorite part of the remodel was the kitchen. I think they did an amazing job making it the most open and attractive kitchen this house could fit.

I love the floor tile on the ceiling and I also love the combination of extra top cabinets and some open shelves. The open shelves are great fun to decorate.

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The fireplace area is one of my favorites. This photo bothers me because I feel like I need a rug, but don’t worry – I have the rug waiting to be back with me on my next trip!

I would also like to change the black tile on the floor and get rid of the mantle of the farmhouse. Honestly though, it is very cozy and nice! I took these artificial candles. They look real and give a nice shine to our non-functional fireplace.

The small game table and the two chairs were flea market finds. One of my happiest traditions when I’m in my hometown is going to a flea market (or three).

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I really like the dining room. I found this old chandelier on Etsy and it started a domino effect of shopping as I am also renovating our house full time in Tennessee. This year I got into a lot of vintage chandeliers!

I’d say that every time you’re down $ 400 or more on a new “old-looking” chandelier, it’s worth spending more time trying to find a true antique. This chandelier does the room for me. It became the centerpiece of all the rest of the lighting I found.

Here is the link to brass hanging light between the dining room and the kitchen.

The table is new, but exhausted. I love the traditional style. This is my first time decorating an old house and I have tried to stay true to style throughout the process.

In the past, I would have put in as much as I could in the middle of the century, but I really enjoyed branching out and expanding my style when furnishing this house. He was also very influential in my other project!

I found these chairs at a flea market, and my mom and I painted them white. It makes me so happy that we are already making so many beautiful family memories in the pink house.

Thank you so much for coming for a quick tour. I look forward to sharing many more seasons and memories in this home. It has been a real pleasure to ride it and share it with our daughters for the first time.

Credits // Author and photography: Elsie Larson.

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