The meal will resume on June 21, but with a maximum of two people


The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced last Thursday (June 10) that Singapore would move to Phase 3 (Augmented Alert).

While the government relaxed restrictions on group meetings of two to five people, it said dinner at F&B establishments will resume later on June 21st.

The Ministry of Health said today (June 18) that while the planned meal will continue as planned, it will be limited to groups of up to two people instead of five. These adjustments are in light of the latest virus outbreaks and a new cluster in Bukit Merah.

“We allow people in the same household to have multiple tables, but they need to make it very clear that they are from the same household, this is not new,” said Lawrence Wong, co-chair of the Covid-19 multi-ministerial task. force.

“We have allowed it before and we will continue to do so. But if you are not from the same household, you will not be able to go and make multiple reservations or have multiple tables, so the same rules as before will continue to apply. “

That means a group of six family members, for example, will not be able to sit together as a six-person table, he stressed.

It may increase to groups of five in mid-July

COVID-19’s rapid testing for staff in these higher-risk environments will be expanded to give Singapore “more security” to open up more, “except for unforeseen circumstances and pandemic developments,” said the co-chair of the pandemic. Gan Kim Yong working group.

From mid-July, group sizes for these higher-risk activities can also be allowed to reach up to five people.

“This is a more prudent approach to minimizing the risk of spikes in cases and the formation of large groups. But we are aware that the F&B sector will continue to need help and we will support them as we recover some of the safe distancing measures next Monday, ”he added.

According to MOH, it will not be allowed to play music recorded in F&B establishments to avoid the risk of transmission from customers speaking aloud.

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There should also be a safe distance of at least one meter between groups of diners and customers should keep masks at all times, except when eating or drinking.

Gyms and fitness studios can resume masked sports or exercise activities in groups of up to two people and in classes of up to 30 people, including the instructor.

There should be a safe spacing of at least two meters between individuals and three meters between groups.

Mask activities and outdoor mask sports or exercise activities may continue in groups of no more than five people and in classes of up to 30 people, including the instructor.

In addition, wedding receptions will not be allowed until mid-July.

“We expect the number of COVID cases to increase … especially in the coming weeks. That is why we are prepared, but we must continue to monitor and comply with safe management measures,” Gan said.

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