The inaugural Lemonhaze Golf Invitational lives up to its exclusive billing


Fresh off the cannabis scene this year, ahead of MJBiz’s 10th Annual Conference, and leading what has become “Weed Week” in Las Vegas, the opening Cannabis Industry Executive Golf Invitation produced by Lemonhaze created a great uproar.

Cannabis & Tech Todaand was the media partner of this exclusive event limited to 80 of the industry’s top executives, along with 35 sponsoring golfers. A much more intimate group than the more than 20,000 who later attended the MJBizCon.

Coined “the most coveted invitation in the cannabis industry,” Lemonhaze Las Vegas Golf Tournament lived up to its billing. Hosted a the award-winning Cascata Golf Course in Boulder City, 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas, against the backdrop of the red river buttresses.

In Cascata, a 418-foot waterfall falls on the steep slope of the mountain, creating streams that meander along the course, desert squirrels scramble on cobblestone paths, and wild sheep graze the lush grasslands and dry desert terrain. “They’re being sent from Los Angeles,” joked one golfer.

Lemonhaze found its niche in the cannabis event industry by orchestrating closely selected activities that match the right audience with each other to create meaningful business relationships.

“I had the opportunity to enter the industry very early on when it was becoming legal in Washington and Colorado. That opportunity disappeared after a few months, but I had already fallen in love with the industry. So I gathered the only money I could save and I decided to jump off the proverbial cliff and start baptizing my arms and hoped to be able to blow up my business, ”said Brain Yauger, CEO of Lemonhaze.

Largely known for hosting a number of coast to coast Lemonhaze Budtender Festival, the company fosters relationships between brands and some of the most influential people in the retail space: budtenders.

Lemonhaze parties like this are not open to the public, to ensure that shoppers, sellers and budtenders who attend are ultimately looking to learn more about new cannabis products and do business together, but in an informal setting. and party.

When the isolation of the 2020 pandemic decimated the event space, Lemonhaze was able to turn to virtual fronts, using teleconferencing to match employers. “It’s like quick appointments for business,” Yauger told me.

On this mild, sunny day in Nevada, however, the golf invitation was a welcome respite from the bright lights, smoky casinos, and the week-long conference. “A day out and not stuck in a casino is a welcome opportunity,” said Mina Mishrikey, a partner at Merida Capital.

Much of the underlying camaraderie at stake in this tournament stems from the universal challenge that cannabis executives struggle with in the fight against stigma and misconceptions that continue to hold back progress.

“We face a lot of challenges, obviously as an industry,” said Joe Lusardi, founder and vice president of Curaleaf about the unified effort. “Everyone is working hard trying to break down barriers, so it’s great to see people who have the same vision and want to succeed.”

Bringing these people together is precisely what Yauger and Lemonhaze do best.

Lemonhaze will introduce new classic executive golf markets in 2022, such as Northern California, Colorado, Ohio, New Jersey and Missouri. In addition, the company will expand its budtender events to Arizona, Oklahoma, Michigan and Massachusetts while gathering in Washington, Oregon and California.

See the summary of the recently released inaugural Lemonhaze Cannabis Industry Opening Golf Invitation below:

Photo credit of the collage: Andre Bourque

Hero Photo Credit: Cascade Golf Course

Desert oasis Photo credit: GVM Communications / Tracey Henry

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