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Experienced steamers know that flavors are the biggest attraction for any juice. However, you may be wondering what the difference is between Vape Juice and CBD Vape Juice. The difference lies in the key ingredients between the 2, but there are some similarities.

Vape juice

What is commonly known as Vape Juice is e-liquid or e-juice. This is flavored nicotine that you can vaporize with a disposable device or pen. In addition, it comes in different concentrations of nicotine and can be flavored or odorless. The biggest controversy behind Vape Juice is the fruity flavors that pop up. Many users are switching from traditional tobacco products and are turning to Vape Juice. The biggest attraction for many users are the pleasant flavors.

Although Wild Companies (our parent company) no longer sells Vape Juice to the general public; they took the same idea that made their Vape Juice very popular and started making CBD Vape Juice. Many other CBD companies started making CBD Vape juice later. This meant that the flavors were not there or that the balance of the products was not there. However, Savage CBD has the perfect combination of CBD and flavors that are not too harsh and very pleasant.

CBD Vape juice

CBD Vape juice

You can vaporize CBD CBD Vape juice which is marked specifically for this purpose. Although they come in different flavors like vaporizer juice, CBD vapor juice does not contain nicotine. Vaping CBD is one of the fastest ways CBD can enter your system. This is because you can start enjoying CBD in minutes. The biggest draw for most CBD Vape Juice users are the flavors + the time it takes to start enjoying CBD.

One important thing to keep in mind is that CBD Vape Juice uses CBD Isolate. It is CBD that has been extracted and isolated from the hemp plant and has become a distillate. In other words, you are only vaporizing CBD and you have very few, if any, of the other properties of the hemp plant. However, in order to produce the rich flavors that CBD Vape juice can contain. Also, CBD Vape juice will not elevate you regardless of how much you vape.

The difference

The difference

The biggest difference between Vape Juice and CBD Vape Juice is that electronic juice contains nicotine and CBD Vape Juice does not. However, there are a couple of other important differences that include:

Clouds of fat steam blowing

You won’t be able to blow clouds of fat steam when you steam CBD like you would with a normal electronic juice. This is because when you are vaporizing CBD, you have to use less potency. When you vaporize an electronic juice that contains nicotine, you are usually vaporizing at a higher potency. This makes it capable of producing clouds of fat vapor. You can blow clouds of fat when you steam CBD; However, you will want to avoid this.

The reason you want to avoid blowing clouds of fat when you vaporize CBD Vape Juice is because you will burn CBD. The distillate inside the CBD Vape juice must maintain a low potency in order to be beneficial. If you steam your CBD at high power, you run the risk of burning it, basically ruining it. At this point, you have wasted your money because CBD will no longer be pleasant.


When you are vaporizing CBD Vape juice, you will want to keep it between 5 and 15 watts. Therefore, we prefer to use a pod system because the coils are built with higher ohms. The higher the ohms, the less power you will need to power the coil. Also, most pod systems only emit between 10 and 15 watts and this is exactly what you need.

When you are vaporizing electronic juice, you can keep the power high because that way it is much more enjoyable. Also, the hardware doesn’t matter as much compared to CBD Vape Juice. You are not limited to specific coils nor do you need to adjust your power.

Vape Shot CBD Vape Juice

Vape Shot CBD Vape Juice

One CBD product we would like to highlight is ours Vape Shot CBD Vape Juice. This product contains no flavor and can be added to any electronic liquid. If you are a person who loves electronic juices and want to know what the combination of CBD and your favorite electronic liquid is like; this is the best product to try. However, we still recommend keeping the potency low to get the full CBD experience.


The difference between Vape Juice and CBD Vape Juice

There are many differences and similarities between the two products. However, the main difference is the lack of nicotine in CBD Vape juice. You can get similar flavors between both products, but the experience will be different. What you need to keep in mind is that you will not want clouds of fat vapor with CBD and the power you will need to vaporize CBD. An interesting combination is to add the Vape Shot to different types of e-liquid to create a unique experience.

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