The Chinese city on the border with Myanmar was again blocked for fear of viruses


A Chinese city near the border with Myanmar has imposed a blockade and has begun mass testing after three cases of coronavirus were reported on Monday, with officials rushing to curb another outbreak.

It is the second time in four months that Ruili, home to more than 210,000 people, is closing after the discovery of cases imported from Myanmar.

Ruili is an important Muse crossing point in neighboring Myanmar, which has experienced an increase in riots since the February 1 military coup, which fears people will try to flood the border into China to flee from violence.

According to one of the three infected patients, he was a national of Myanmar in Yunnan Province.

China closed the main bridge and crossed into Myanmar in March when cases crossed the border.

Authorities have also stepped up patrols in recent months to prevent illegals crossings and repressed human trafficking to prevent an influx of refugees.

Ruili will test the virus for all residents within two days and all “non-essential travel” will be banned until further notice, the local government said Monday.

Only one member of each household can leave to purchase daily products with permission during the trial period.

Anyone who wants to leave the must produce a negative virus test performed in the last 72 hours, the local government said.

The city tested all residents and urged everyone to get vaccinated after a small outbreak in April.

China reports an outbreak of COVID-19 on the border with Myanmar

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