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Tequila is one of the most misunderstood spirits in the world. There’s so much more to tequila than banging at a dive bar somewhere on a Saturday night. So throw in your salt and lime wedge and check out some of Mexico’s best exports below. But first

What is Tequila?

Tequila is a spirit made with blue agave, a large succulent plant with fleshy, pointed leaves. Only the heart (known as pineapple) is used for production. This is toasted to convert the compounds into usable sugars, which in turn are fermented and distilled to become a liqueur. Tequila has a geographical distinction (DOT – Denomination of Origin of Tequila) with strict laws that make it only possible to produce in the Mexican state of Jalisco, where most of the major brands are located, in addition to the surrounding states of Nayarit, Guanajuato, Tamaulipas and Michoacán. . If not made here, a product cannot be called tequila.

The first documentation appeared in the early 1600s when the Spanish began distilling the heart of agave plants. His spirit was loosely based on a local drink called Pulque produced by natives of central Mexico. An entire industry grew around a small area, which later became the city of Tequila.

You often don’t see people swallowing, smelling, or drinking tequila as if they were making whiskey or rum. Somewhere along the line, tequila had a reputation as a party drink (in part because, yes, it can intoxicate you a lot), but that’s not the whole story. The spectrum is richer and the taste is deeper than most drinkers give it credit for. Some will even pair it with food (try it with grilled seafood).

Can we dump you once? Here are some great tequila examples to look at.

Don Julio

The roots of this popular brand go back to 1942 when Don Julio González-Frausto Estrada founded the La Primavera distillery at just 17 years old. However, Don Julio did not appear on the market until 1985, when it premiered to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founder. Since then, the brand has grown massively and has amassed a number of major awards around the world.

One to try: Don Julio Reposado

When you see reposado (‘rested’ in Spanish) on a label it means that the tequila must have been ripened in oak barrels for at least two months. This is almost five times more and is an excellent example. Soft, expressive and opulent.

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El Jimador

This tequila is named after the expert farmers who harvested the agave plants, which take seven years to reach maturity. It takes time to make him a ‘jumper’ and skills are often passed down from generation to generation. The range is small but of excellent quality, and all are made of 100% blue agave and double distillation.

One To Try: El Jimador Blanco

White tequilas do not age and are bottled directly from the still once the strength has been reduced. They are usually perfect for mixing in cocktails. Expect a clean crunch with hints of citrus peel, spice peppers and green herbs.

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Tequila Herradura was founded in 1870 by Félix López and still maintains its traditional approach to production. The name translates as “horseshoe” from Spanish and comes from Aurelio López, Felix’s son, who found a lucky horseshoe in his agave plantation. It has finally gained international recognition in the last 15 years or so and offers a fantastic and wide range.

One to try: Horseshoe Resting

This classic tequila was the first commercially available resting place in the world when it was launched in the 1970s. Aged for 11 months in oak to give notes of toffee, ginger, toasted agave and earthy toasted spices.

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Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo, the best-selling tequila in the world, accounts for one-fifth of all sales by volume. Founded in 1795 by José María Guadalupe de Cuervo, it is the oldest tequila brand that still exists. Jose Cuervo is currently run by the tenth generation of the family and is produced at the La Rojeña distillery. The award-winning range is wide.

One to try: Jose Cuervo Traditional Silver

The 100% agave recipe dates from 1795. Bottled in 38% ABV it gives a creamy, soft and sweet sensation with expressive notes of white pepper. Great clean, on ice and stands out well in a cocktail.

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Don Cenobio Sauza founded the La Perseverancia distillery in 1873 and became one of the longest tequila distillers in Mexico. The award earned him the title of “The Father of Tequila.” Sauza was a pioneer and is considered to have been the first person to label the blue agave spirit as “tequila”. He was also the first to export his product to America.

One to try: Sauza 901

Some white style tequilas are labeled “silver” and this is the case here. This premium offering has a greasy, viscous feel and offers delicious notes of tropical fruit, lemon zest with warm, earthy spices.

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The family distillery of La Alteña is home to Tapatio. Located more than 7,000 meters above sea level, the Camarena family has been making tequila there since Don Felipe Camarena founded it in 1937. Now managed by his grandchildren, Tapatio is its super premium offering and is made of agave. 100% blue.

One to try: Tapatio Añejo

Añejo means “aged” in Spanish and if you see it in the bottle, it must have been aged for at least 12 months in oak barrels. Expect earthy spices, cloves and vanilla here. Delicious, poignant and classy.

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Volcano of my Earth

Only founded in 2017 by the Gallardo family, the name translates as “land of the volcano” from Spanish. It is therefore not surprising that the brand’s small boutique distillery is located at the base of a volcano. Everything is handmade: two liqueurs are produced, one with agave from the lowlands and another from the highlands. Then they get married together for extra complexity.

One To Try: Volcano of my Crystalline Earth

This beautiful aged tequila is part of a small range of just two products. Both have won major awards in a short time. The Cristalino is an absolute surprise with notes of chocolate, vanilla and earthy agave.

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Classic tequila cocktails

La Margarita is the best known tequila cocktail and the voice combined with orange liqueur and lime juice. So often badly made or too sweet, when a margarita is well made it is excellent. Then there’s the delicious Tequila Sunrise, a retro 80s classic that sees tequila mixed with orange juice and topped with grenadine syrup. The Lighter Dove is also popular with tequila, lime juice and grapefruit soda to give a refreshing and cheerful choice.

For those who like the spicy there is the Bloody Maria and the Sangrita. The first is a twist on the classic Bloody Mary, but she uses tequila in her heart instead of vodka. La Sangrita is an experience in two parts: a shot of tequila followed by a shot of spicy tomato juice with chilli. They should both wake you up!

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