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The reality: your kids benefit from a balanced microbiome, but food-based probiotics can be a sweet choice

It is often recommended to eat foods rich in probiotics as a good way to introduce good bacteria into the gut and support your digestive and immune health. But how practical is this advice for children, who can be famous and demanding? (Cheeseterians, we’re watching you.)

Let’s be realistic, the benefits of probiotics for children are many, but kefir, kombucha, kimchi, tempeh and sauerkraut can be very difficult for many adults and much less for children.

Probiotic yogurt for children is probably the only probiotic food that is both enjoyable and popular with the little ones. But today’s children’s style yoghurts are usually a far cry from those consumed in the time of Ilya Ilyich Metchnikoff. Look at their labels. Along with any count of CFUs (some don’t even have them), you’re likely to find a lot of sugars and additives, such as food coloring and preservatives. These unfortunate ingredients, while improving taste and shelf life, do a real disservice to your child’s gut microbiome and probably nullify the good your child will get from yogurt probiotics.

The best probiotics for children: What is the real problem behind these “good” bacteria?

Probiotics for adults, as well as probiotics for children, have come a long way since they were recognized in the early 1900s. Today they are best known for supporting comfortable digestion and strong immune function. , but these powerful microorganisms also play a vital role in the synthesis of many vitamins, enzymes, and acids. This is why so many adults today take probiotic supplements.

That’s good news, isn’t it? For adults, the benefits of probiotics they seem clearer.

But what happens? probiotics for children? If you’re a parent or caregiver, you’ve probably wondered at some point. “Should children take probiotics? Or “Are probiotics safe for children?”

Probiotics for children: what science says

Curious facts about probiotics: first discovered when Nobel laureate and director of the Pasteur Institute, Ilya Ilyich Metchnikoff, realized that poor people living in harsh rural Bulgaria remained healthier than their counterparts rich and urban.

He theorized that his abundant consumption of sour milk (also known as yogurt) and the healthy microbes it contained were the reason why.

Turns out he wasn’t wrong!

We are advancing rapidly for a hundred years (and a lot of thorough research by dedicated microbiologists) and we have many more details about probiotics and how they work. We now know that:

  • Probiotics are generally considered safe for all populations, including children
  • Probiotics are an important part of the body’s intestinal microbiome: the flora or set of microbes that live and work in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Of the billions of bacteria that call the human body home, most reside in the gut. (And there are hundreds of different probiotic strains identified, even probiotics for women i probiotics for men.)
  • Probiotics play an important role in immune function as they keep the intestinal lining healthy
  • In order for the best probiotics for children to be effective, they must survive the journey through hard stomach acids and reach the intestine alive, where they can colonize.
  • Prebiotics are food sources for probiotics that help them survive in the gut and products with prebiotics and probiotics are known as “symbiotics”.
  • And much more!

But how can this great mission be supported for their children when most of the options available to parents and caregivers in grocery stores are low in high-quality probiotic strains and processed sugars? We delve into what you need to know to make sure you choose the best probiotics for your children.

Choose probiotics for your children

You now have good control over beneficial bacteria and probiotics for children. But you may still be wondering how to buy the best probiotics for kids.

You are not alone. One study noted that millennial parents usually have greater interest in healthy product options for their children, which leads to a greater demand for health options suitable for children, such as probiotics. (Who doesn’t want to set the stage for happy digestive health, especially after a series of antibiotics or when some occasional abdominal discomfort occurs?)

Let’s break down the things you need to know, as well as offer some solutions that can help make things easier for the whole family.

The problem of finding viable probiotic foods for children has many parents turning to supplements. And that’s why we created it My Little Bugs ™ Total Care Probiotics for children

Whether you choose Probulin’s Amazing Chewable Probiotic for Kids or another trusted brand, we want you to be armed with the best information out there.

Learn more about Probulin My Little Bugs Probiotics for Kids

When buying the best probiotics for kids, there are a handful of really important things to keep in mind. Make sure the formula you choose meets these marks:

  • Multiple probiotic strains, including the two most thoroughly researched—Lactobacillus i Bifidobacteris
  • 5-10 million UFC, which is the daily amount recommended by children for the American GP
  • Prebiotics and postbiotics included to feed and feed probiotics for maximum effectiveness
  • Stable on the shelf, no refrigeration required therefore, it is easy for children to leave (because they are always on foot!)
  • Third party test to make sure your child gets the labeled power

My Little Bugs ™ Total Care Probiotics for kids offers you all this and more.

Probiotics are also protected by an advanced complex of brown algae that it protects them from the destructive acid of the stomach so they reach your child’s gut alive and ready to take action.

Best of all, these probiotics come in fun chewable tablets in the form of bugs with a delicious watermelon flavor that your child will love. When it comes to the game of probiotics (and parenting) … The probiotic formula for my little mistakes is a homer test.

(And don’t worry about the hot summers! My Little Bugs Kids probiotics are shipped heat safe packaging, too.)

Formulated to be one of the best probiotics for kids available, we’re pleased to try this unique formula, which includes several broad-spectrum probiotic blends, including a unique fermentation blend of organic beets, green cabbage, raspberries, blueberries and figs.

You can learn more about The My Little Bugs formula here, or place an order at try them here. We are very excited to see that it is easy to make sure your children receive a daily probiotic for their little bellies.

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