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It’s that time of year again! cold weather, hot cocoa and CBD! Although it’s always a good time for CBD; there are certain types of CBD that are best when the weather gets cold. Travel with us as we discuss the best CBD for cold weather.

CBD for your skin

When the air cools, it can cause itching and skin irritation. In addition, the cold weather can leave the skin raw and the internal heat can remove moisture from the skin. This is where CBD comes in: Try applying some of it CBD lotion in your skin care routine. This can promote skin hydration, which lack is one of the main causes of itchy skin. You will love the fresh aromas of lavender with hints of citrus. A little can go a long way! Therefore, we recommend taking a quarter of the lotion and rubbing it on your hands. But, you can also apply this lotion to any place where you have dry skin.

Another product you may not have thought of is CBD sunscreen. Although the sun is not as strong in winter as it is in summer; it is important to apply sunscreen if you go outside. If you live in a snow-producing climate, you’ll want to invest in some CBD sunscreen. On bright sunny days, snow can reflect the sun’s rays which can be hard on your skin. If you are doing errands or outdoor activities, you will want to apply some CBD sunscreen. However, you tend to cover yourself more when you’re in the snow; this is the reason why many people do not plan to apply sunscreen. It’s best that you only want to apply sunscreen to open parts that aren’t covered.

Warm drinks with CBD infusion

Hot drink with CBD infusion

There is nothing better than a good hot drink on a cold day. However, adding a couple of drops of CBD can enhance your experience. The best thing about adding CBD to your hot drink is the flavor. He CBD tinctures they are popular because they have no sugar and have a slight taste. This means that taste will not dominate what you infuse. A popular drink to add to our tinctures is coffee. This is because many people expect to counteract the negative effects of coffee. This makes sense as CBD promotes relaxation – coffee tends to overstimulate some people. Note that if your coffee is too hot to drink, it is too hot to add CBD. Wait for your coffee to cool before adding CBD.

Another popular hot beverage to which CBD is added is tea. If you use a tea bag, we recommend that you use our CBD tinctures. However, if you use loose leaf tea, you can use our CBD flower. In theory, you can use a CBD flower with a tea bag; but you may not like the hemp that floats around your tea. You want to let your CBD flower soar for 15 minutes in hot water, not boiling.

Vaping CBD

Vaping CBD

This is a fact, as the vaporizer lasts a year, but you may want to vaporize inside. It may be too cold to go out and smoke CBD, so vaporizing inside might be an option. Even though you are producing steam, we still do not recommend vaporizing our products to minors. You may not warm up at all, but you can take advantage with a little CBD. There are several types of products to choose from depending on your preferences. If you have your own device, CBD Vape juice or cartridges are a good choice. However, if you don’t want to worry about refilling or getting the right device, we have CBD disposable pens.


The best CBD for cold weather

When it’s cold outside, you have options on how to take your CBD. This may include keeping the skin hydrated, warming up with a hot infused drink, or vaporizing it. In addition, many people often use CBD tinctures during the winter. If you want to counteract a bit of this holiday darkness, try some CBD!

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