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It is a great claim, but we call it: the minimalist sneaker is the quintessential footwear choice of the 21st century. The style, which dates back to the launch of Common Projects in 2004, is now the basis of men’s clothing: an elegant and democratic shoe that works with tailoring, denim, sweats and everything else. Nothing else comes close in terms of overall influence. A real everyday sneaker, everywhere, that provided casual comfort high fashion and proved that dressed staples can be designed very well and made brilliantly.

The DNA of the design can be simple and refined, but the choice on offer is amazing. The popularity of minimalist sneakers has led to a new wave of independent sneaker brands that put premium construction, sleek silhouettes and eco-friendly design at the center of everything they do. Fix your wardrobe with our selection of the best.


Key Style: Bradley

Born in Los Angeles in 2001, Clae exudes this tranquil, west-coast atmosphere to its wide range of minimalist sneakers. Inspired by the architecture, design, colors and elegance of their hometown, the brand’s shoes are meticulously handmade in the same Vietnam workshop they have been working with for the past 20 years.

Expect clean lines, premium materials and versatile color combinations that will never go out of style. These are sneakers designed to be worn every day, for every occasion.

Clae’s best-selling silhouette is the Bradley: a sleek, minimalist silhouette available in a variety of quality materials, including aniline, oiled leather, full grain or milled, nubuck or waxed suede and textured canvas, and versatile colors. as well as a selection of colors. rubber or rubber soles. It will quickly become your favorite shoe, no matter which one you choose.

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Craftsmen’s laboratory

Key style: essential hiking boots

The mission of Artisan Lab is simple: to make the best possible products, using only the best materials and collaborating with the best Italian artisans. This is the antithesis of mass-produced footwear: the brand only produces a limited batch of footwear each month, giving its community the opportunity to book with a 20% discount. Anything left over is sold as stock, making it a sustainable way to approach fashion and business.

That direct to the consumer, the cropped approach of the middleman also means you get a higher quality product for less, making Artsan Lab sneakers excellent value for money.

Our current range selection is High-Top Essential. One of the cleanest, thinnest high shoes we’ve never seen it, it is handmade using premium flower calfskin, with marbled soles and a removable antibacterial insole. There is currently limited availability in black, white, and off-white.

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Crown Northampton

Key Style: Upton Wholecut

Crown Northampton is a fifth-generation family business with a true shoe pedigree. Using only the best locally sourced materials, all your footwear is made to order at your Northamptonshire factory, ensuring that all processes, from design to production, remain at home and completely under your control. .

The brand’s new collection of sneakers is handmade with first-class leather and leather from the world’s best tanneries, such as Horween Company and CF Stead. Coming fully lined with leather with an exclusive rubber sole, the side wall seams ensure the unity of the sole and allow the shoes to be resolved at a later date to increase longevity.

If you’re looking for a smart sneaker that can be worn as a Derby shoe, the Upton Wholecut is for you. Made with a single piece of leather, the integral design and construction are a mark of true quality that not many manufacturers can match. An easy way to break away from the white shoe crowd.

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Axel Arigato

Key Style: Clean 90

Launched in 2014, the Swedish brand Axel Arigato is one of the most established brands producing high quality minimalist sneakers. ‘Arigato‘is Japanese for’ Thank You ‘and was originally used to describe something that was valuable and hard to find. This sums up the brand proposal.

Axel Arigato works with a small number of European tanneries and suppliers, and most of the production is based in Porto. Its wide range includes designs inspired by vintage and sports shoes thicker styles, but the Clean 90 is our favorite. Something like a quintessential minimalist white sneaker will work with clothing. sport jeans and everything in between.

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Uniform standard

Key Style: Series 1

The history of Uniform Standard is familiar in the circles of sneakers and fashion: with 18 years of experience designing products for other brands, in 2018 the founders decided to branch out on their own. Social and environmental responsibility is at the forefront of everything they do, with the East London-based brand using the best Italian leathers and premium recycled components to create its lines.

Series 1 is the flagship silhouette. A clean, timeless style that can be worn up or down, is available with smooth calfskin or textured suede tops in a variety of color combinations.

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Key style: ZSP4

Founded in 2009 in Aix-en-Provence, in the south of France, Zespa combines high-end craftsmanship with the typical Mediterranean style. Starting by reimagining the design of the traditional espadrille, turning it into something smarter, the brand has since set its sights on the humble espadrille shoe, elevating it through luxurious materials and details. .

The ZSP4 is our range selection. A minimalist and sophisticated silhouette that is handmade in Portugal with full calfskin and nubuck from Italy, they feature anatomical insoles for all-day comfort. These are the types of sneakers that you can easily wear with a suit.

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Key style: LT 01

Founded in Amsterdam in 2010, ETQ was created in response to the brand’s luxury and eye-catching luxury trend and excessive pricing. Fugitive fugitive fashion trends, the Dutch brand simply produces high quality and well-designed sneakers for a fair price. The whole range adheres to the minimalist principles of the company, using the shape and proportion to help its offer stand out from the package.

The LT 01 is the flagship model of ETQ. It features a clean top with a substantial sole and comes in a range of timeless color combinations that will never go out of style. We especially like the VEGEA® options – you’d swear these sneakers had top quality leather uppers, but it’s actually a material created with wine and vegetable oil waste. We will drink for it.

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Key style: Royal S01

Founded in 2014 by Isabel and José Maria, JAK is an independent shoemaker based in Lisbon, Portugal. All of its products are built in the northern region of Portugal, famous for its multi-generational family-owned shoe factories, and are sold directly to consumers, allowing it to offer better quality at a lower price.

When it comes to design, JAK is an advocate of slow fashion and therefore produces timeless and versatile sneakers designed to be worn over and over again. All the materials used are of local and responsible origin, mainly full-grain leather that ages very well over time and develops its own unique character.

The Royal S01 is JAK’s best-selling silhouette, and it’s easy to see why. An elegant, pristine top is complemented by an ultra-soft calfskin lining and shock-proof insoles that create the perfect combination of design and comfort. Available in a variety of materials and colors, suede versions are our favorite. An easy way to add texture and a touch of luxury to your everyday look.

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Key Style: Model ’89 Vegan

SAYE set itself the mission of making footwear truly sustainable and environmentally friendly. We would say they have succeeded. Initially using leather to make its line of sneakers, over the years it has worked with specialized suppliers to create new and innovative vegan materials, to the point that they no longer need to produce leather versions. As of 2022, the brand only intends to sell 100% vegan sneakers, making them one of the few companies with true eco-credentials.

The Model ’89 Vegan is Ape’s choice. With a Reebok Classic-like rear-facing aesthetic, a iconic model of sneakers in its own right, it comes in low and high models and a variety of vintage color combinations. A retro corridor for the modern world.

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