The beginning of telemedicine Zoey focuses on women’s health


Health has always been at the forefront of what Ethel Tan does for work and in her personal time.

The graduate of Singapore Management University has perfected her passion in a career by becoming an indoor cycling instructor and later took it a step further when she founded Noah – A discreet digital clinic for men – with its co-founder Sean Low in June last year.

Fast forward six months later, the duo launched Zoey in March 2021, which is a new telemedicine platform that addresses all aspects of women’s health.

“We knew we wanted to change the way people experienced quality healthcare, and especially in a time of pandemic, the game of telemedicine had to move to the spotlight,” Ethel said.

Birth control delivered in four hours

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Ethel told Vulcan Post that when the circuit breaker was imposed in Singapore, it realized the inconvenience of getting a simple replacement for the contraceptive pill prescription.

It made no sense to risk taking Covid-19 and taking strict precautions just to get birth control from a clinic.

Although there were players in the field of telemedicine who offer birth control pills, the downside was that clients had to wait a day or two before receiving their prescriptions. In addition, their prices are quite high.

Therefore, he felt that Zoey should be more convenient and use the same four-hour free delivery model as Noah to provide a more affordable solution to women.

Women’s Health Service Providers in Singapore Delivery time Cost
Zoey (birth control pills) 4 hours (no shipping costs) From $ 16 S / month
Ease Healthcare (birth control pills) 2-3 business days (free)
4 hours (free by appointment with the doctor or, for renewals and purchases of medicines after the appointment)
From $ 23
Ferne Health (emergency contraceptives only) Within 3 hours after consultation with the doctor $ 75
Comparison with other female health care providers in Singapore

The team knew the importance of privacy, speed, and cost to the patient experience, so they designed the entire Zoey company around it, from their text-based consultations to its free and discreet four-hour delivery service.

A gap in women’s health supply

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Zoey, however, is not solely focused on providing access to sexual health care. Instead, it aims to create new expectations of what women have expected from telemedicine.

At the product level, what differentiates the platform is its vision to strive to provide healthcare solutions to women.

Looking at the scene of online women’s health clinics in Singapore, we observed a gap in their service offerings, mostly focused on sexual health. We wanted to bring a more comprehensive approach to health to women, in addition to physical appearance.

Ethel Tan, co-founder of Zoey

While mental health care today is still largely taboo, Ethel told the Vulcan Post that her college therapy sessions proved to be very effective in helping her overcome the challenges facing her. which he was facing at the time.

However, after graduating and joining the staff, he acknowledged that continuing therapy was “too expensive” for someone with an initial salary.

That’s how he got the idea to go beyond sexual health and include affordable mental health and other treatments in Zoey’s set of services.

According to Ethel, the team has seen a lot of latent interest in Zoey’s mental health offerings, in part due to the current climate of uncertainty and having to isolate herself from others for long periods of time.

Women are well informed about health solutions, so it is not a shame to seek treatment for them. However, when it comes to more sensitive conditions, related to sexual or even mental health, women tend to receive criteria from other people. That’s why Zoey makes it a matter of keeping everything confidential, valuing the privacy of all members.

Some of the other treatments currently available at Zoey include quitting smoking, acne and even hair loss.

Zoey is also on the Ministry of Health (MOH) list of direct telemedicine providers, and has also managed to incorporate panel of medical experts.

Unique platform for everything related to women’s health

Telemedicine is not new, but its popularity has grown broadly over the past year.

Before Covid-19, the industry focused on convincing users to trust the platform and doctors they couldn’t see. However, telemedicine now offers affordable medical care to consumers who are already conditioned to rely on online services.

Although Zoey is still a new player in the market with about two months of seniority, she already has a few thousand women in Singapore as clients.

We keep trying to better understand our customers, figuring out what they need, but we also see more registrations every day.

When it comes to scaling health solutions, we have learned a lot through Noah and put these learnings to work here. Anecdotally, Zoey grows at twice the pace Noah did, helping to set new expectations in the category.

Ethel Tan, co-founder of Zoey

“Zoey’s goal is to be a one-stop shop for women’s health. We are constantly working with doctors and medical advisors to improve and provide more services to our members, in order to meet all of their health needs,” she said. Ethel.

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