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Google Blogger also known as is one of the oldest and most popular platforms for creating blogs and developing basic websites. Google Blogger has been dominating the market for decades to create blogging websites. We all know that Blogger is free, easy to set up, easy to use in the backend, and requires no coding knowledge to get started.

Blogger was launched as a free platform in 1999, and even then it was developed in Python. Initially, it was developed by Pyra Labs, later in 2003 Google acquired it and added the platform as an additional free service with its Google account. In 2006, the user interface was redesigned and since then it is receiving regular updates that made Blogger one of the most reliable blogging platforms even in 2021.

It is available in over 60 languages ​​and in 2020 they introduced a completely new look to their interface which makes Blogger a considerable choice for any type of website creation. Blogger is web-based, so it is compatible with all platforms, such as Android, Windows, Linux and macOS.

Why look for an alternative to Blogger

Now the question arises, if Blogger is so fantastic, why look for alternatives. Because Blogger has many drawbacks that cannot be overlooked. Also with the growing need of users, website creation platforms need to be flexible and feature-rich enough so that they can meet all the demands of developers and users. Although it is Blogger, it has very little extension of features, designs and design of a …

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