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There is no silver bullet SEO; everything is interconnected, from design to UX to content, but there are key aspects to a lasting, holistic plan.

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If there’s one piece of advice that business owners should follow to win in search engine optimization, it’s this: Stop putting it in a box. Very often, people assume that ranking in searches only involves researching keywords and creating links. And yes, they do matter, but they’re just parts of a bigger equation, and they certainly shouldn’t be your only focus. Higher ranking on Google and attracting qualified, long-lasting traffic requires a change of mindset. This is where holistic SEO comes in.

What is holistic SEO?

The term, broadly speaking, refers to improving every aspect of a website rather than focusing on one or only a few. Getting all the key elements of SEO properly not only increases the visibility of your brand’s organic search, but also makes your visitors happy and makes them want to do business with you. To understand holistic SEO, a business owner must remember Google’s approach to search, which is to help people access the best information and present it in the most useful way. Therefore, a holistic plan includes three tasks: content design, user experience (UX), and semantic structure.

1. Content design

It’s no secret that visual content increases the value of a website for users, but when not optimized, it can slow down its performance. Here you have a …

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