Ten bodies found on former El Salvador police property | Crime News


Seven women and three children were buried on the property of the former police officer after he was arrested for two other murders.

The buried bodies of seven women and three children were discovered on the property of a former police officer in El Salvador.

Hugo Osorio Chávez Osorio, 51, is being investigated on suspicion of sex crimes and 13 murders, according to the country’s Attorney General’s Office.

He was originally arrested last Saturday for the murder of a woman and her adult daughter, which she confessed to, according to The Associated Press.

The arrest came after residents of the western town of Chalchuapa called police and reported hearing a woman calling for help.

Researchers are working in the vicinity of Chávez Osorio’s house in Chalchuapa, El Salvador [AFP]

Officers found the bodies of a 57-year-old woman and her 26-year-old daughter in the house in a pool of blood with signs of sexual abuse.

Investigations led to excavations at various sites on the property. Among the bodies found were a 7-year-old girl and two 2- and 9-year-old boys.

Police did not explain why the number of killers being investigated was 13.

Some of the people appeared to have been killed about two years ago, the attorney general’s office reported on Twitter.

Seven other possible graves on the property are still being investigated. At least 25 people are considered missing in the area.

Chávez Osorio had been fired from his job as a police officer in 2005 for sexually aggressive behavior and had spent five years in prison, according to investigators.

According to the case report, prosecutors issued arrest warrants for nine more suspects who may have acted as accomplices in 13 murders, including the murders of eight women.

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