Techstars launches the Future of Longevity Accelerator 2021 class


What you should know:

Techstars, today announce the class 2021 of the Techstars Future of Longevity Accelerator, runs in collaboration with Pivotal companies, an investment and incubation company created by Melinda French Gates to advance social progress in the United States.

– The 13-week program focuses on innovative solutions to address the unmet needs of older people and their caregivers. Program topics include on-site aging, caregiver support, care coordination, financial well-being, preventive health, and social participation.

Class 2021 background

The Techstars Future of Longevity 2021 class represents the experience, tenacity and deep connection to finding solutions in this space during a time when isolation, financial security and care navigation have a huge impact on the elderly and the elderly. caregivers. The class also demonstrates Techstars ’commitment to investing in teams led by several, with most companies led by underrepresented CEOs, including half by women.

The founding teams of the selected companies will build strong relationships with thought leaders in the longevity space and will leverage a network of mentors from industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, investors and potential partners. Each company will use the program to accelerate the development of their solutions, and by the end of the program, companies will have partnered with more than 100 mentors, deep relationships will have been established through the global Techstars and Pivotal Ventures networks, iterated in your product, business. model and growth milestones, and mastered the ability to communicate their vision. The class will show its progress on a Demonstration Day the week of February 14, 2022.

Here’s a look at the ten companies in the 2021 Techstars Future of Longevity class:


ABBY is a personal, light, portable and brand new electric vehicle for people with reduced mobility. Designed for everyday life and loaded with innovative advanced features such as power assistance, artificial vision and IoT, ABBY makes motorized mobility affordable for all those who need it, regardless of their insurance coverage or income.

Better to live together

Better to live together is the first platform for the coexistence of single-family homes for people over 55 in the United States. Better Coliving allows homeowners to earn income by sharing their home and offers guests naturally affordable housing in the neighborhoods they love, while at the same time building community and facing challenges. of the loneliness that many face.


BRILLIANT is a health and technology company that designs products and develops brain health habits. BRIGHT accelerates cutting-edge scientific research for families battling Alzheimer’s disease and those who want to prevent it. With BRIGHT BEACON40, users can take advantage of the benefits of 40 Hz light therapy to improve sleep, mental acuity, memory and attention.

Health Hive

Health Hive is a digital platform that creates a “care community” around the elderly. By integrating into existing clinical systems and workflows and involving a broad healthcare team, HealthHive allows both caregivers and care recipients to feel empowered throughout the care coordination journey, leading to improved outcomes and savings. of costs.


MyFitPod has created an in-box business solution that includes a platform and a SaaS market for independent fitness and wellness professionals to serve and connect with the aging population and their caregivers.


OndeCare reinvents home care in dependency, providing families with a flexible solution to their care needs, worthwhile jobs for professional caregivers, and a timely benefit for employees.


Saeidan’s Ask Claire and Claire’s List are digital platforms that transform the Medicare plan selection process. Saeidan uses data and technology to tailor guidance to the needs and values ​​of beneficiaries, enable decisions to be made with more confidence, and drive change for older people and their caregivers.

The Health Companies, Inc.

Ilera’s LIV ™ The platform (Life in View) returns the joy to family care by supporting active and independent older adults to maintain and improve their health, happiness and social commitment. LIV ™ is a technology solution for more people that combines the personal touch of a CareConcierge ™ with the convenience and scalability of a digital platform that allows older adults and their caregivers to request services more smoothly, manage appointments and track health goals in one place. .


Life is an online, live and interactive fitness program for adults 55 and older with a focus on increasing strength and function. Vivo uses assessments to measure progress, includes cognitive training, and creates a social and community engagement that drives participation and retention.

Wave therapy

Wave therapy has developed a disruptive and affordable smart cushioning technology to prevent ulcers, save lives, and significantly reduce significant health care spending for both patients and facilities.

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