Technique and leadership in social care


The latest digital version of Health Unplugged is now available. In this episode we take a look at digital technology and leadership in social care.

A recent one King’s Fund report found a “clear lack of accountability” and digital technology leadership in the NHS has led to a “social assistance gap” that runs the risk of the sector falling behind.

The report “Shaping the future of digital technology in health and social care” also found that national leadership was “often reshaped” with a “clear lack of responsibility in many aspects of implementing or establishing strategies. “.

In the podcast, the Digital Health News team and the special guest from the Faculty of Clinical Informatics delve deeper into the report and what it means for digital technology in the NHS and social care.

You will know:

  • Andrea Downey, host of Digital Health Unplugged
  • Hannah Crouch, editor of Digital Health News
  • Jon Hoeksma, editor-in-chief of Digital Health
  • Jonathan Kay, President of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics and member of the Health CCIO digital network

As is often the case with the NHS and the digital transformation, it was reduced to money. The Kings Fund called for “drastic” investment in digital social care solutions and research to deliver better results through technology.

While there have been several government initiatives focused on generating ideas and drivers within the social care sector, “explicit” investment and support would be needed to ensure the adoption and scale of digital technology, he noted. the report.

Tune in to hear what our panel had to say.

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