Takekai International Announces a New Office Opening in Singapore


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Takekai International, a professional asset management firm that offers comprehensive investment management capabilities that span across all main segments of the global capital markets, continually enhancing its existing platforms and value-creation expertise through innovation and refinement of technologies, is pleased to announce that Mr. Pavel Hajek, Managing Director and Head of Alternative Investments Division, will relocate his entire team to Singapore in order to provide direct access on the local markets to the firm’s worldwide family of clients. Mr. Hajek is currently in Singapore looking to secure a location within the Financial District as the Regulating Authorities are finalizing all legal procedures and approvals.

Takekai International is currently expanding its office networks within South East Asia as the company wants to solidify its status of market leader within the alternative investments sector. The new office will be located in Singapore due to the fact that the local markets offer unique profit-making opportunities while maintaining a balanced risk-to-reward environment based on regulations and legal procedures.

Mr. Thomas Christen-Koch, Chief Executive Officer of Takekai International, said that” relocating our entire alternative investment team to Singapore is a necessary step when we, as a firm, are engaged in successfully reconciliating risk-exposure with value-creation in order to exceed client expectation. Our new office location will represent an opened door to local profit-making opportunities and time-efficient market procedures that brings a better angle of approach on a multitude of investment vehicles and services.”

Takekai International has recently enhanced the Alternative Investment team, adding personnel and widening the departments hierarchic structure, creating a top-to-bottom division of experts in the field of alternative investments such as private equity, hedge funds, commodities and tangible assets, among others. The Alternative Investments Division is expected to increase the Singapore based projects by 25% in the first year of operations and the profit projection is set at 15% to 17% for the same period of time. Once all the legal requirements are met and the office location decided upon by the Executives Board, the firm will make a public statement with the official details. This is expected to happen within the next short space of time.

About Takekai International

Takekai International offers comprehensive investment management capabilities that span all segments of the global capital markets. The firm’s investment solutions, tailored to the unique return and risk objectives of institutional clients in more than 40 countries, draw on a robust body of proprietary research and a collaborative culture that encourages independent thought and healthy debate. Customers are the reason the firm exists and are at the heart of everything Takekai International does. That is why we seek to provide superior investment results, exceptional service, and multiple layers of risk management.

Contact Pavel Hajek – +81-905-5567-185



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