Swiftarca Ventures launches $ 75 million Telehealth Venture Fund


What you should know:

Swiftarca Venturesa New York-based consumer and health venture capital firm, in its early and growing stages, announced that it has launched a $ 75 million investment. telesalut– Focused risk fund.

– The Telehealth Fund aims to take advantage of the innovative innovation opportunities that currently arise from key legislative changes in the delivery of health care in the United States and around the world.

Investment thesis

In the past, the three-pillar U.S. health care system (patients, providers, and plans) has benefited from insurance plans and providers, leading to costly and inconvenient health care for patients. While there were incipient efforts to digitize the industry to deliver better results and reduce costs, it did not gain enough traction. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated everything in the field of health. It forced a turning point for the telemedicine and digital health industries, where 10 years of innovation were driven in 4 months. As a result, emerging disruptive technologies experienced dramatic increases in adoption, and this will make patients, the most important pillar of the healthcare system, the most powerful of the three.

Swiftarc Telehealth will focus on identifying promising investment opportunities that intentionally challenge the traditional healthcare delivery system by facilitating patient access and the adoption of new telemedicine and digital health technologies in the following fields: telehealth / virtual care , virtual mental health, remote patient monitoring, chronic care. Management, In-Home / Dx Evaluations.

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