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Sweet Freedom is a guide that educates individuals about the effects of sugar addiction and how to break this unhealthy behavior. Much of the attention in this program is on weight loss, but there are also ways that the creator helps the user to build up their immune system.

What is Sweet Freedom?

For many people, consuming high amounts of sugar is why they are obese in the first place. Apart from any possible hormonal issues and genetic problems, indulgence should be had in moderation. However, the weight that they have gained is not entirely their fault. The brain’s chemistry is altered when it has too much sugar, causing an addiction, much like any drug or alcohol. By taking part in the Sweet Freedom program, users can break away from the biggest cause of their extra weight.

Developed by Cindy Corbin, Sweet Freedom explores how sugar can impact the body, both psychologically and physically. By breaking the habit of consuming too much sugar, most people see the weight melt off their bodies with hardly any effort. There is no workout program associated with this regimen, though the bonus materials will include a gentle yoga routine for anyone who wants to build a lean figure.

Extra Materials

While the content in this program is already fairly comprehensive and helpful, there are also bonus materials involved that will amplify the results so that only using the guide will not.

Some of the bonuses include:

  • The Freedom Yoga: 20-mins Weight Loss Yoga for Beginners
  • Sweet Portion Control: The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Food Addiction
  • Sweet Energy Breakthrough: How to Regain the Energy of Your Youth
  • The Freedom Juice: Juicing Recipes for Better Immunity

The Freedom Yoga is hosted by a yoga expert named MJ. She will demonstrate a type of yoga workout that specifically caters to losing belly fat without illuminating natural curves. Rather than being exhausting, this exercise is made to be more relaxing. Plus, it works with all experience levels.

Sweet Portion Control helps users reduce the amount of sugar they have in their daily lives by hacking into their brains. With this guide, users will learn to feel satisfied with the foods that they have, rather than constantly feeling deprived of the foods that they love.

Sweet Energy Breakthrough focuses on improving the energy levels that users have without being bogged down by sugar. The user is not encouraged to consume more caffeine, but Cindy claims that this guide is worth more than the entire program for its benefits.

The Freedom Juice zeroes in on a different part of the body that needs attention during weight loss – the immune system. With the recipes, users will be able to cleanse their bodies of the toxic buildup of bacteria and other impurities to prevent illness and support healing.

How to Buy the Sweet Freedom Guide

With a completely digital guide, users only need to pay $27 today. Ordinarily, the cost is $47, but the creators dropped the cost to make it more accessible to everyone. However, they also offer up to 60 days to return it for a refund.

Sweet Freedom Reviews
Sweet Freedom Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions About Sweet Freedom

What is the Sweet Freedom program?

Sweet Freedom is a weight loss program that centers around cleansing the body of sugar and sweeteners like table sugar, artificial sugar, and added sugars. The idea is that this program will help users to reduce the cravings that they have for sweets and other unhealthy foods with better habits.

How does Sweet Freedom promote weight loss?

This remedy’s creators explain that most illnesses today can be traced back to overindulging in sugar in different foods. This guide will help users cut themselves off from the unhealthy ingredient in their daily food to break the addiction.

How is Sweet Freedom different from the other programs on the market today?

In Sweet Freedom, the entire guide will help users breakdown exactly what is causing their cravings for sugar, focusing on the psychological impact of replacing this behavior. Users will not be entirely cut off from sweet foods, but they will learn to adapt to the healthier options that the market has today.

While many other programs try to accomplish this feat, they fall short because they don’t have sustainability. As soon as the user stops participating in the program, they usually gain everything back and fall back into bad habits. Sweet Freedom boasts a 95% rate of success for anyone that engages in their program.

How long do users have to engage in the regimen?

Realistically, the most important time in the Sweet Freedom regimen is the first 2 weeks. With strict adherence to the guidelines, most people can eliminate their cravings by the 14th day. With this new habit established, users will need to continue with the lifestyle choices recommended for maintenance. Even if they end up indulging in one of the sugary foods that they have walked away from after the program ends, all they need to do is the two-week program to get back on track.

When can users expect to see results?

Though the sugar cravings should be gone within two weeks, the weight loss will depend on the individual and how much of their diet consisted of sugar previously. As a general rule, consider the number of calories that came from sugar in the diet before. By eliminating 500 calories of sugar each day, the average person loses about a pound a week. However, these calories may be higher or lower, which may impact the quickness of weight loss.

The inflammation relief that comes from reducing sugar will likely be evident within a month.

Who is not a good fit for the program?

The only people who are not good candidates for Sweet Freedom are not over age 18, pregnant or nursing, and individuals who take certain medications. Before beginning this regimen, anyone that falls in the latter category may want to speak with their doctor first.

Customers can bring up any other questions or concerns that they have by sending a message to [email protected].


Sweet Freedom can be used by anybody who wants to overcome one of the most harmful ingredients they can put in their body. Creator Cindy understands that this addiction is not necessarily a matter of willpower but of breaking how the brain craves sugar constantly. The initial change in habits only takes about two weeks for the body to adjust to, but users will need to continue with the lifestyle changes recommended for as long as they want to stay free of the sweets that bind them.


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