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Summer has officially arrived. People are looking for a summer getaway in a sunny destination. Whether it is a holiday in a Mediterranean country, somewhere more exotic, or within our country, the sun will shine (at least more than in other months) and we may visit the nearest beach (or the further away) if we can.

It is the time of year that people want to travel, each for their own reasons. Some want to spend a holiday with a cultural emphasis on visiting museums or theaters, others want to party, some want to visit casinos and many just want to enjoy the sun and the beach. You can visit casino fans who are unable to travel at this time for any reason online slots, o sports betting instead.

As much as we like summer, there are many problems with the sun, heat and sea, and one of them has to do with our hair. The sun and the sea, the more joy they give us, the more they damage our hair. But there are ways to protect it and enjoy the summer with beautiful hair.

Prevention is better than cure. This is exactly what Hippocrates argued, emphasizing the importance of prevention for our health at all levels. So, before you go on summer vacation, take care of your hair health.

In wich way? Hydrate well with masks and oils and strengthen the body with green leafy fruits and vegetables, to “shield” the roots before exposing them to the sun and sea.

Pay attention to the hairstyle

Do not comb before washing sea salt.

If you comb it right after swimming, you run the risk of breaking it.

After all, the completely sloppy beach wave style that the sea gives your hair is irresistible, why spoil it?

Beware of sun exposure

We’ve been talking about sunscreen for so many years, but no one thinks hair needs sunscreen anyway.

Hair protection, however unnecessary, may not be.

In addition to protecting itself from ultraviolet radiation, it also contributes to deep nourishment and hydration of the hair.

Even if you don’t have the right sunscreen for your hair, remember that a body sunscreen can also protect your hair if needed.

Even if you put sunscreen on your hair, it’s best to avoid direct sun exposure, especially when it’s still wet.

After swimming and diving, look for the shade provided by the umbrella or a generally shady spot, until they are half dry.

Easy and simple homemade masks

For deep hydration and curl control, you can make a homemade hair mask.

All you need are two tablespoons of yogurt, a tablespoon of honey and half a teaspoon of coconut oil.

After mixing everything until the mixture is homogeneous, apply it to the hair and leave it to act for 20 minutes.

Then rinse with normal shampoo. Weekly use of this mask will give you an amazing result.

Alternatively, the variety of hair masks in the pharmacy is fantastic and you can choose the one that best suits you and your hair.

Choose a hair mask that penetrates and nourishes the hair roots.

Take care of your scalp

Everyone knows the harmful effects of the sun on the skin, but who thinks of the most exposed part of the sun that is none other than the skin that covers our heads?

Sure, hair protects the scalp from sunlight, but it doesn’t block it completely.

The intense hair loss in the fall is due in part to exposure to the summer sun.

So get the right hats and stay in the shade. After all, tanning is no longer fashionable.

Nutrition and hair care

The roots of our hair, which is the vital part of the hair, are nourished and grown with the water we drink and the necessary nutrients we get from a proper diet.

Due to the high temperatures in summer, the need for adequate water intake becomes more urgent.

Hair contains more than 25% water, so proper hydration is a priority to prevent dehydration.

Proper and balanced nutrition is reflected in the hair as well as the negative consequences of a wrong diet (hair loss, dull and fine hair).

The fast and exhausting diets that many of us decide to do during the summer months, combined with the high temperature, can create problems for our hair.

Do not forget!

Before bed

Even if you came back late from the sea evening and you are too sleepy, you should rinse your hair salt, even with normal water.

Sea salt, the longer it stays in the hair, the more it destroys it and causes breakage and weakness of the hair.

Protective hat

Cliché as it may seem, the sun, the sea and the wind are the biggest enemies of your hair.

The use of the hat, especially for long hair, is considered not only important, but also a necessary accessory, which you should always have with you in the summer, to protect yourself from the sun wherever you are, whether in the city ​​or On the beach!


– Don’t have sunscreen for your hair? Apply a common conditioner to your hair, tie it with a band (a loose ponytail) and you will be ready for the sun.

– To avoid green hair after swimming in the pool, rinse your hair with baking soda or carbonated water as soon as possible.

– For instant hydration and protection, apply coconut oil or almond oil to your hair, leave it on for an hour and rinse.

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