Subtitle Health, partner of Ultromics for the detection of heart disease with AI


What you should know:

Subtitle Health and the Oxford University spin-out Ultromics they have teamed up to empower a broader set of health care providers and put the tools for detecting and managing heart disease in more hands. This is a second strategic partnership that Caption Health has achieved over the past three months to enable the earlier detection and management of diseases with Based on AI guidance and diagnosis.

– Together, the companies will offer the Caption AI ™ software platform together with Ultromics EchoGo® deep ultrasound analysis, allowing a wider set of suppliers the ability to perform ultrasound and automatically calculate key function indicators cardiac, leading to a more early and accurate diagnosis of diseases. .

– Ultromics EchoGo® has drastically alleviated the burden of experts in providing automated analysis of left ventricular volumes, ejection fraction, heart pressure, and diagnostic support for heart failure and coronary artery disease , saving significant time for users and, most importantly, improving results by reducing variability between operators and teams. Now, by linking these platforms, images acquired using Caption AI can be analyzed through Ultromics ’EchoGo® platform, creating advanced diagnostic capabilities that had been limited to experts in specialized care environments and expanding their access to more doctors and patients in more places.

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