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It’s been over a whole year that our entire team has been physically together. Aside from the pandemic, our neglected (and dusty) office space has become increasingly unfavorable as a meeting place, let alone working on it.

So when we had the opportunity to arrange a job in Caroline Astor’s Suite The St. He ruled Kuala Lumpur, we also wanted to make the most of the very bright, comfortable and premium space.

By the way, The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur was also the most voted place for our next working day in our previous article.

Disclaimer: The accommodation was not sponsored by the hotel as we wanted this to be our little way to support the local hotel industry, but updating the suite kindly offered us at no extra cost. We were totally masked at all times while working together and our entire team was doubly vaccinated and it had been 14 days since the second dose.

It’s time to get a job done

We caught him sit in silence at home we ask very seriously, and for most of us we don’t have floor to ceiling windows, even enjoying the views and sunlight in the suite was a luxury.

But if the sunlight is not yours, there are motorized blinds or curtains on every window.

The suite itself includes a spacious living room (furnished with a work desk, plush sofas, a dining table and a trunk from the St. Regis mini bar), a dressing room and a massage room with a private bathroom. ask for an in-room spa experience.

You probably don’t expect this, but the bed was one of the highlights of this job because we slept so deeply, which is one of our best sounds in a long time. We were even curious enough to research the make and model of the mattress.

It turns out that the mattresses were made especially to measure for the St Regis brand and therefore cannot be bought in any store. Yes, we also hear your sighs of disappointment.

While we were preparing for our company meeting, we encountered a quick inconvenience as we were unable to put the TV in the living room to project the screen of our laptop.

This was easily solved, thanks to the services of our butler who was at our disposal, whether it was technical problems, personal deliveries (except food, which would have to go down to retrieve it personally), in the room. service, or requesting a pillow other than the pillow menu.

Turns out it was a faulty connection, so we had to connect our cable to a different port

With the images of our meeting ready, we were able to continue our discussions without further ado.

As for the space, the living room itself was large enough to comfortably accommodate us all again working with a proper social distance. One of us even settled into the locker room as a private space for some work calls.

Post-meeting faces after seeing them all together for the first time in over a year

Be productive, calm and well fed

Our time in the suite did not end with the town hall meeting, two of us extended our stay to complete together some urgent management tasks.

For a few days, the struggle of wondering what food to cook or order through GrabFood didn’t cross our minds, because at St Regis we had so many options.

In fact, the struggle became to make sure we could finish eating all the food.

For our daily breakfast, the usual hotel buffet option was slightly changed to a safer method against COVID. So just place your order directly with the friendly servers and they will bring the food to your table.

On the last day before departure, food was requested in the room so that work could be prioritized during these last hours. I don’t regret it because the dining room was cozy and private.

There were many more facilities available in St Regis, but we chose to spend our time mainly in our suite as we had some important issues to attend to.

As an extra special reward, we gave away a tea at The Drawing Room. It was also for a good cause, as Marriott Bonvoy was raising funds for her breast cancer awareness campaign with Estée Lauder Malaysia.

St Regis was one of three hotels participating in this significant campaign, with 20% of the proceeds from each purchase of the afternoon tea set earmarked for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia.

The set also came with some Estée Lauder products, which was a nice touch from the St Regis partner for this collaboration.

Before the crowd arrived for tea time, we also used the quiet surroundings of The Drawing Room for a video interview. The WiFi connection there was pleasantly stable, no problems during our entire call.

The hotel also complies with COVID’s strict health and safety SOPs, so we were asked to leave the room while the cleaning was done to service our suite, which made The Drawing Room the best alternative place. to work.

A night soak after working hard all day (Baking Impossible fans here!)

We had a very fruitful business meeting, which was the main goal of the work. Having this memorable meeting place was a cherry on top of this significant milestone in our work schedule.

It’s definitely not an everyday luxury for most people, but we personally enjoyed the opportunity to meet and work safely in a new place to change. And of course, it didn’t hurt that the “somewhere new” is a 5-star hotel.

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