S’pore, the Omnidesk ergonomic floor-standing desk brand, will expand to Malaysia


Omnidesk, Singapore’s leading workspace ergonomics provider, announced today (May 21) that it has crossed the launch pad in Malaysia.

The brand is incorporated in Malaysia as Ultimate Desk Sdn Bhd and seeks to provide the same floor standing desk experience that has made it the preferred floor standing desk in both Singapore and Australia.

Prices start from 2,400 RM ($ 771.20 S) for the Omnidesk Pro 2020 with 48 “table. The brand also offers a flat shipping package of Omnidesk and accessories throughout Malaysia.

Its expansion in Malaysia is in line with Omnidesk’s strategy of expanding its offerings to new territories and democratizing the ergonomics of the workspace through quality and affordability to more people.

With a global pandemic changing the way the world interacts and works from home becoming the new normal, better ergonomics have become more important than ever. The perfect workspace should not only be comfortable, but should inspire and aspirate. We thought it was time for our friends in Malaysia to stop waiting because Omnidesk is crossing the border.

Benjamin Huang, general manager of Omnidesk

The Omnidesk Pro 2020

Image credit: Omnidesk

Omnidesk was launched in 2018 of the founders of Singapore’s custom computer brand, Aftershock, with the aim of recreating the magic of having customization at your fingertips with a whole new product segment.

The Omnidesk Pro 2020 is the brand’s fully height-adjustable flagship desktop. It is a fully modular and upgradable electrical desk that is highly customizable.

Users can also choose their favorite accessories, size, shape and finishes to create a custom setting and achieve their ideal position, either sitting or standing.

Your console has smart programmable memory presets to save up to four favorite profiles. It also has a very sensitive anti-collision mechanism and a child lock function. Users can switch to an ideal position to sit, stand or even with a bag of beans easily at the touch of a button.

The brand also has a range of accessories to complement your desks, from headphone hangers to desk mats.

We are a group of retired players who ventured into the world of entrepreneurship and technology consulting. We soon found the obvious similarities between these seemingly disparate worlds, whether we were going to make forays at the end of the game or simply get caught up in endless meetings.

We still spend hours and hours at our desks and are constantly at the mercy of bad postures (so) we needed a desk that was really ours, and that was the impetus that Omnidesk started.

Benjamin Huang, general manager of Omnidesk

You can now check out Omnidesk in VP Label here:

Featured Image Credit: Omnidesk

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