South Tees and Dartford implement Alcidion’s patient control system

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South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust have been launched with Alcidion’s real-time patient monitoring system, Miya Precision.

The new system will help improve patient safety and introduce efficiencies to expedite patients’ hospital stays. Computer science will be deployed as a module of the electronic patient record (EPR) systems of the trusts, and the trusts choose to accelerate their implementation.

Both South Tees and Dartford have already been launched with Miya’s observation and evaluation modules. This module includes an early warning system that shares critical information as soon as it is logged. In this way, clinical staff can ensure that they focus their efforts on those patients with immediate needs, which could lead to a shorter hospital stay.

In addition, Dartford has also been launched with Miya Flow, which provides clinical staff with access to real-time information on patient status. The trust also intends to roll out Alcidion’s clinical note, discharge notes, electronic prescription and clinical decision support over the coming months.

Andrew Adair, CCIO of South Tees Hospitals, said: “Miya Observations is just the first component of a clinically sensitive transformation program that will digitize paper-based processes, unite systems with full confidence and provide the foundation for regional integration. .

“This is much more than a traditional EPR. There is a real excitement that we are going to skip some of the technologies from other parts of the healthcare service with what will come to us.”

The Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust was the first NHS organization to select Miya Precision and to deploy Miya’s observations and assessments along with Miya Flow.

Neil Perry, CIO of Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust, said: “The Alcidion solution is critical to our digital strategy. We are moving forward and we believe that Miya Precision is the fastest way to achieve a high level of digital maturity. It is also a way for us to go beyond traditional EPR, support our doctors, and make the care we provide to patients more efficient and safe.

“Travel boards have allowed us to ensure that 100% of our patients have an estimated registered discharge date and this helps the wards to ensure that discharge dates are met, which, in turn, In turn, it helps us cope with the great pressure we are under. ”

Dartford plans to roll out its use of Miya Flow as a “command center” that offers full visibility of the bed and the patient’s condition to relieve winter pressures. The trust has also agreed to a contract with Alcidion to replace the legacy diabetes service system and replace it with Miya Precision. It will be expanded to include outpatient services, where it will be integrated with Dartford Patient Know Best’s developing personal health record.

Lynette Ousby, CEO of Alcidion, added: “Ultimately, it’s about helping to make it easier for patients to do the right thing, at a time when nurses, doctors and other health professionals are working in extremely difficult circumstances. These examples clearly show how effective technology can help the service meet these needs, especially at critical times such as impending winter pressures. “

At the same time as South Tees signed up for Alcidion’s Miya Precision, it also agreed to a Best electronic prescription and drug administration system OPENeP to help advance your digital maturity.

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