Sosei Heptares is really collaborating to generate new drug candidates against GPCR targets for immunomediated diseases


What you should know:

For real i Sosei Heptares announced a new research collaboration combining Verily’s Immune Profiler Platform, a next-generation immune mapping platform, with world-leading Sosei Heptares StaR platform (stabilized receiver)., with the goal of quickly identifying new drug candidates in multiple immune-based disorders.

– Together, the collaboration will focus on accelerating the development of new candidates for drugs against G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) targets, an important class of pharmaceutical targets. About 30 percent of known drugs target a small number of GPCRs, leaving a significant number of remaining GPCR targets that could be quickly identified and prioritized to accelerate the development of future treatments for patients with immunity-mediated disease.

– The collaboration with Sosei Heptares is the latest example of Verily’s efforts to demonstrate the value of Immune Profiler harnessing the power of genetics, epigenetics, transcriptomics and other molecular evidence to build higher resolution models. trust of regulatory architecture. Through Verily’s strategic partnerships, they are working to better understand inflammatory autoimmune diseases and aim to quickly identify ready-to-discover programs to develop in the clinic.

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