Solent NHS Trust first with integrated sexual health self-service


Solent NHS Trust has become the country’s first trust to live with a personal health record (PHR) system that facilitates an integrated approach to the remote delivery of sexual health services.

The PHR will allow trusted patients to book and modify online clinic appointments, improve their experience, as it will allow them to create and manage their own patient registry, and streamline delivery service, as it will allow clinicians to choose digitally. their patients.

Once fully implemented, the service also allows patients to access repeat contraception, postal test kits, results and prescriptions, as well as an anonymous and secure partner notification service.

PHR has been designed by Inform Health to relieve pressure on sexual health clinics, especially in light of national pressure on sexual health funding, and digital services are becoming increasingly popular as a result. of Covid.

The new digital service will help support Solent’s sexual health services by creating electronic patient records together. This will help the trust to better understand how patients use the service and improve the way they target services and plan for future delivery.

Ynez Symonds, head of quality and professions at Solent’s sexual health services, said: “Our patients are the center of everything we do, making their lives easier and being able to delve deeper into what is happening to Solent’s patients. our area. we can target services effectively, it’s really important. “

She continued: “PHR remains a priority for us. I see that it marks a real turning point for how patients access services and take greater control of their sexual health and well-being. I also believe that PHR will play an integral role in helping us better target health promotion through quality data delivered through system integration. ”

Solent NHS Trust provides mental and community health services to Southampton, Portsmouth and parts of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Thanks to improved visibility on patient data with integration with in-clinic systems, trust will have a clearer picture of the service and will be able to make fact-based decisions and figures on future needs.

Susan Bunn, Commercial Director of Inform Health, has done just that previously advocated self-service for sexual health to empower patients.

In the new release, he said: “Online sexual health self-service software that integrates with the clinic’s internal systems to provide providers and commissioners with a holistic view of patient use, while encouraging patient access, comfort, and autonomy, supports several goals. It has the potential to significantly reduce operating costs, enable more accurately designed and resource-oriented services, improve health outcomes, as well as empower patients to manage their own health needs and enhance the patient experience. ”

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