SKorea will raise COVID-19 restrictions to the maximum level of capital


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South Korea will raise the edges of the coronavirus to its highest level in the Seoul metropolitan area, the country’s prime minister said on Friday, warning that a record increase in new cases had reached the “maximum crisis level” .

Previously, the country had remained a model to combat the pandemic, with a large following of the public and other rules, but it took a while to start launching vaccines due to supply shortages.

Friday saw 1,316 cases, its highest daily increase since the pandemic began, with most new infections in the capital Seoul and its surrounding areas, where nearly half of South Korea’s population lives.

Group infections have appeared in areas such as schools, offices and shopping malls , with people between the ages of 20 and 30, most of whom are not yet eligible for vaccination, are increasing the number, according to health authorities.

Under the new restrictions, which will take effect on Monday and last two weeks, meetings of more than two people will be banned after 6pm and schools will be closed.

Cafés and restaurants are allowed limited seats and dinner services are prohibited after 22:00.

Entertainment establishments will be closed, including bars and clubs, and all public gatherings will be banned, except for one-person protests.

South Korea reaches new COVID daily case record

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