Skin care is the new mainstay of self-care for men – Health Guild Report


When it comes to skin care, you may remember gaseous-looking women selling luxurious-looking potions to your local department stores in their day.

Mom, grandma, and influencers with a lot of time and big budgets are often associated with skin care routines. As such, many people think that skin care is for and about women, and most product lines reflect this assumption.

When looking for better options than a bar of soap, men often discover skin care through a sister or girlfriend, but River encourages men to take care of their skin according to their conditions, because skin care is for everyone. In addition, men’s skin is thicker than women’s, and there is a lack of products that meet the unique needs of male skin types.

Men know that they feel better when they invest in taking care of themselves, but many do not know where to start when it comes to establishing a skin care routine. While female skin care enthusiasts may jump to the latest fashion ingredient, men want to get to the root of their skin problems and what they can do about it without so much hype. A seemingly endless sea of ​​products, fashion packaging and complex routines can feel exaggerated for guys who just want to understand why they have acne and what products can help.

With Lumin, skin care feels masculine, practical and accessible. When given the right tools and information, in addition to premium products made for their skin, boys gain the confidence to take control of the health of their skin while enjoying the process. Lumin designed them products and sets to Eliminate Guessing to Start a Routine | Whether committed to two or five daily skin care steps, this curated collection of high-performance products creates a unique space for men in the skin care market.

We especially love the Set of anti-fatigue essentials. With its iconic Coal cleaner, Moisturizing balm, Exfoliating scrubbing, i Dark circle defense, this essential package helps a boy get started when it comes to setting up a powerful skin care routine.

These high-performance products formulated with premium ingredients backed by years of research help create healthier looking skin with more clarity and vitality. And loyal Lumin users swear by Dark Circle Defense to help lighten and inflate the area under the eyes. Applying this silky and soothing eye cream is a great way to relax before going to bed while getting much needed relief from eye fatigue and daily stress.

The brand makes it easy to get started without any hassle or hassle. The curious skin care can take a super short questionnaire to assess your skin needs and try any of the sets for free for 30 days plus the shipping cost. Whether a boy is new to skin care or is willing to give his girlfriend eye cream and get hers, these products offer a luxurious feel with stunning results.

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