Ship trapped in the now free Suez Canal


He huge ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal he was released last week, officials said early Monday. Long live the trapped ship.

It has never been given, a container ship larger than the Empire State Building, disrupted a crucial trade route after it lodged sideways on the canal last Tuesday, delaying billions of dollars in goods to reach its destinations.

On Monday, the canal service provider announced the ship he had been re-floated and was on his way joyfully.

Tugboat rescue teams had spent six days working to free the ship and were finally successful thanks, in part, to the full moon carrying high tides.

A Dutch company that helped in the efforts to move the ship freely had previously compared the ship to a “stranded whale” and said it “may take weeks” to comply, according to Reuters.

Despite being a global trade disaster, the It has never been given getting caught captivated the world and became the subject of a lot of jokes and memes.

When he was released Monday, sales officers, rescue teams and politicians celebrated.

But many, many more people made a different claim:

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