Sexual differences play a role in COVID-19 outcomes


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In a study of more than 10,600 adult patients hospitalized with COVID-19, women had significantly lower probabilities than men of hospital mortality. They also had less income in the intensive care unit and less need for mechanical ventilation. Women also had significantly lower odds of major adverse events, including acute heart injury, acute kidney injury, and venous thromboembolism, according to a published article. Journal of Women Health.

“This comprehensive analysis is the largest study to date that directly assesses the impact of sex on COVID-19 outcomes,” said Rachel-Maria Brown, MD, Zucker School of Medicine, Hofstra / Northwell, and co-authors. “Our study strongly demonstrates that female sex is associated with lower probabilities of hospital outcomes, significant adverse effects, and all-cause mortality compared to male sex after controlling for confounding variables.” The authors propose some of the protective factors that may contribute to these findings.

In the attached editorial entitled “Lessons learned from COVID-19 sexual disparitiesAnnabelle Santos Volgman, MD, Rush University Medical Center, and co-authors, suggest several mechanisms by which females may confer a protective advantage against COVID-19 infection. One of the advantages may be the additional X chromosome, which carries multiple genes responsible for and adaptive immunity.

Volgman and his co – authors point out that “although they have less risk of mortality with COVID-19, we must be careful not to send a message to pay less attention to women with COVID-19 or decrease measures to prevent their infection. Our evolving knowledge should not reduce the attention paid to women admitted to COVID-19 ”.

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Astha Tejpal et al, Gender-based differences in COVID-19 results, Journal of Women Health (2021). DOI: 10.1089 / jwh.2020.8974

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