Serve an EASY Mojito bar for parties


A beautiful mojito bar allows guests to create their own fresh cocktail with a bright and deliciously sweet citrus flavor with a variety of fruity options.

Creating a signature DIY cocktail bar is the easiest way to ease the burden of stocking up on the bar at a party. Instead of creating craft cocktails all night, you’ll do it get the job done early and leave the waiter service to each guest so they can create a drink they will love.

A mojito bar will be the hit of your next event, regardless of the season. These fresh and fruity cocktails are always a hit and you will have fun experimenting with flavors.

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A mojito is a classic cocktail (also called Cuban highball) made with lime, mint, sugar, white rum and soda water.

While they sure aren’t quite easy to make, they’re delicious to the last sip. Without a doubt, this is a cocktail worth working on!

While you can’t always be the hostess with more people and be in the bar all night, what you can do is make your life so much easier with a DIY mojito bar. It’s the easiest way to pre-set it up and allow guests to have fun mixing and combining all night.

Learn the keys to setting up your own mojito bar in any corner of your home or garden. It will be the success of your party … change things instead margarita per May 5th, or try one at any time of the year. Find the Best rum for mojitos, too!

A cart of glass and brass bars installed with an outdoor mojito bar, various fruits and limes in the bowls next to bottles of alcohol.

What is a Mojito?

The original mojito is considered the traditional highball cocktail of Cuba. With only five ingredients (white rum, lime juice, soda, sugar and mint) it is a long-lasting classic and with good reason.

It is believed that the original Mojito may have started as a medicinal-style drink on the island of Cuba centuries ago.

Mojitos have a sweet, refreshing, gaseous lime flavor, with lime and sweetness dominating the rum. It’s so hard to stop alone on a warm summer night.

A glass and brass bar cart installed with an outdoor mojito bar.

Why you will love a Mojito bar

  • Guests can be easily served
  • Fun and festive
  • It allows guests to create their own preparation according to their preference

How to set up a Mojito bar

Basic visualization Mojito Ingredients

Files – A bowl of pre-quarter files is not only convenient, but it also looks nice. Display it in a bowl ready to wrap or offer fresh lime juice in a small bottle or jug.

A bar of mojito installed on a cart of gold and glass bars, with the hand extending to place a file in a glass.

Mint – Add mint from your garden in a glass or vase full of water or allow customers to choose directly from the plant. (Talk about good types of mint for mojitos).

A mojito bar installed on a cart of gold and glass bars, with the hand reaching out to place fresh mint in a glass.

Sugar – Combine sugar and water to make simple syrup or use white granulated sugar. Sugar cubes are also easy to mix and adorable.

Refreshing water – Club soda adds a little carbonation to this fresh cocktail. You can replace the water with gas or offer both if you prefer. To turn it into one flac mojito simply replace water and baking soda with a lime and lime soda.

A mojito bar installed on a cart of gold and glass bars, with the hand pouring to pour simple syrup into a glass.

White rum – Any white rum will do. I like to choose some mid-level rum for cocktails. Bacardi Superior, Ron White Captain Captain Morgan, Cruzan, Rum Malibu. Substitute vodka, tequila, gin or champagne to mix.

A mojito bar placed on a cart of gold and glass bars, with the hand pouring to pour rum into a glass.

Flavors – Add fresh fruits, nectars and purees to offer a myriad of options to your mojito bar.

A bar of mojito installed on a cart of gold and glass bars, with the hand extending to place the blueberries in a glass.

Set up inside or outside

You can install a mojito bar on your kitchen island, in the bar, a side table or a bar cart inside and just about anywhere outside.

Make it accessible

Show off your ingredients in an artistic format bar cart or any home tablet or counter. Using matching bowls (or lovely pieces that don’t match also work well) can allow guests to better see their options.

You can Print friendly Etsy signs to help guests have an easy recipe to follow too or create your own.

To learn How to style a bar cart for more favorite tips and techniques!

A glass and brass bar cart installed with an outdoor mojito bar.


Get ready to shake, shake mixture or stir a muddler, jigger, shaker or spoon into the mojito bar. You will also want one tall glass for the traditional style of mojito.

add Flowers

The flowers in a bar always make it feel more special and create a focal point for guests to enjoy while mixing. I have endless tutorials on floral design from which you can learn, which will allow you to look like a true professional.

Learn my favorite tips for becoming your own florist Florist secrets, as well as the best flowers to buy Trader Joe’s!

To May 5th style, use colorful flowers and add fresh mint sprigs for the vegetation.

A glass and brass bar cart installed with an outdoor mojito bar.


Strawberry mojito – Use pureed or crushed strawberries to take a sweet sip of spring.

Raspberry mojito – Mix the raspberries with lime and sugar in a shaker, strain and add rum, ice, soda and mint.

Blueberry mojito – Blueberries are such a fun and festive addition to your mojito bar lineup.

Pineapple mojito – It doesn’t get much more tropical than that! Use pineapple for the feeling of palm trees swaying in the breeze.

Coconut mojito – Add coconut cream for a fresh coconut flavor and a frothy consistency. You can also use coconut rum to add even more coconut flavor.

Mango Mojito – Add two ounces of mango nectar for a sweet mango flavor.

Watermelon mojito – Add mashed watermelon to your mojito to enjoy a summer sip.

Mojito Float – Add a few tablespoons of lime sorbet or lime sorbet to turn it into a float, perfect for a hot summer day!

Champagne Mojito – Simply replace rum and cooled water with champagne.

Tequila – Replace rum with tequjothe to give a fun twist to this classic cocktail.

  • Muddler
  • Jigger
  • Shaker or mixing spoon
A hand pouring a glass bottle full of blender into a copper shot gauge.

Frequently asked questions

How can I make one flac mojito?

The best way to keep any drink on the thinner side is to remove or replace the sugar from the recipe. This happens with simple syrup, any juice you would traditionally use and also sugar cubes.

Do you shake a mojito?

You can, but you can also simply stir. The waiters have been arguing these points for years, but one thing we know for sure: a mojito is good whether it’s shaking or moving. It’s entirely up to you!

Can I use vodka instead of rum in a mojito?

Absolutely! It’s easy to make one vodka Mojito just by changing your spirits in this recipe. You can also go wild and use tequila.

A glass and brass bar cart installed with an outdoor mojito bar.

Tips for making mojitos

  • Use Fresh Mint – And it’s very easy to grow yours! Add mint in the summer Garden containers for the last in function + form!
  • Use fresh lime juice – Fresh lime juice offers the best flavor, so add wedges to your bar or you can squeeze fresh lime juice with a citrus juicer and add it to a small jug.
  • Mudle – A muddler mojito is a bar tool similar to a hand. It is used to grind fruits and herbs to release their flavor. If you don’t have one, try grinding with the end of a wooden spoon.

Posting suggestions

  • Frame glasses – Run a wedge of lime around the edge of the glass. Fill a small plate with white granulated sugar. Dip the glass in granulated sugar.
  • Adorn – Decorate with a lime wedge or a slice and a sprig of mint.
  • Straws – Mojitos can be taken with or without straw. Try them with these beautiful ones copper straws for a more sustainable option!

The best Mojito recipes

mojito float garnished with lime and mint
vodka mojito garnished with lime and mint for napkin and flowers
watermelon mojito garnished with mint and a slice of watermelon
skinny mojito in a short glass with lime and fresh mint
mojito in a tall glass with lime and mint

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