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Singapore gaming chair maker Secretlab wants to fill more than 100 jobs after experiencing “massive growth” in recent years.

The company’s co-founder and director of strategy, Alaric Choo, said he would hire about 80 engineers and designers, as well as new contracts for marketing, public relations and global operations functions.

This will expand the company’s product team to more than double its current size. Most roles will be based in Singapore, while some roles may require travel between Singapore and China, where the company has a factory.

Secretlab Team / Image Credit: Secretlab through Glassdoor

The consumer technology startup currently has more than 200 employees, 90% of whom are from Singapore. It produces about a million chairs a year and sells them to about 60 countries. About 10,000 chairs are shipped overseas each week.

Alaric shared these details with the media apart from a visit to the industry by Gan Kim Yong, Minister of Trade and Industry. Gan visited Secretlab’s new global headquarters and Braddell’s research and development (R&D) laboratory.

New headquarters of Secretlab

According to Ian Ang, co-founder and CEO of Secretlab, $ 10 million was invested to establish the headquarters and R&D center. It covers 44,000 square feet on a single floor of an industrial building.

The R&D lab tests the durability of materials, for example, such as humidity chambers and pressure mapping stations.

“We will continue to invest US $ 50 million over the next few years in research and development to further increase our product development and innovation capabilities,” Ian said.

Image credit: Secretlab

Secretlab was founded by Alaric and Ian in 2014. It has grown to become one of the world’s top rated gaming chair manufacturers, with recognition from the video game community.

In June last year, game developer Riot Games named Secretlab as its official president European League of Legends Championship.

The work situation from home has also caused many people to lift their chairs to get comfortable and ergonomic designs.

Image credit: Secretlab

About 60 percent of Secretlab’s sales come from North America and Europe. Singapore accounts for only five per cent.

With the sports market expected to arrive 2.2 billion US dollars in revenue for 2023, the start is projected for new growth in the future as its products reach more people in the international gaming community and the mass market.

The company expanded beyond chairs and introduced its first gaming table this year, which it described as “part of the whole ergonomic experience.”

Featured Image Credit: Secretlab

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