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The #KibarBenderaPutih movement has gained momentum since the announcement of the last MCO extension on June 28, 2021. Companies and individuals have given a hand to provide basic staples such as rice, oil, bread, flour, and so on. at the doors of people who need it, after observing physical white flags.

On June 4, Malaysian student volunteers Sidharrth Nagappan, Cornelius Pang, Sin Yin and Shaun Mak launched White flag application to reports of collective sources of white flags and locations of food banks across the country. It is about streamlining the process of connecting those who need it with those who can help, something that was previously done through Whatsapp and phone calls.

A help map

Screenshot of the web application on the desktop

Upon entering the site, you will be asked to sign in with your Google Account before being shown a map of the country of Malaysia with icons highlighting white flags and food banks. Sidharrth clarified that login data is currently required for authentication to control server API requests.

Dictionary time: An API (Application Programming Interface) is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. In other words, an API is the messenger that sends your request to the provider to whom you request it and resends the response.


Users can click on any icon for more information about the location and its address in real time. To ask for help or report white flags, users must attach a picture of the venue, enter their address, and provide additional feedback, such as phone numbers or the exact supply.

In the latest app update, he mentions that the team will review the images to ensure there is no breach of privacy. If you have enabled location services, the site can automatically detect it, just as you send your live location to Whatsapp.

Follow the steps to ask for help or report a white flag.

While these details are beneficial in providing direct help to those who need it, it does open the app to an exam on security issues. Individuals are now exposed to approximate (or exact) locations, making them vulnerable to possible malicious intent.

However, the first priority of this application is to connect users who need help to those who can expand it and vice versa, in the most convenient way. Therefore, users of the app should have responsibilities while using it, whether they share their locations or see the locations of those who need it.

The food banks highlighted in the web application come directly from Google Maps. While most of those currently appearing in the Putih Flag app are in Klang Valley, developers are working to get more names through an upcoming Google Spreadsheets file on the page.

For Malaysians, for Malaysians

Site developers hope to turn Bendera Putih App into an open source application so that the developer community can work together and improve it, according to Sidharrth in a Facebook post.

Version 1 of the Bendera Putih app was created with React.js and Firebase, platforms to help speed up the app development process. “Once out there, we look forward to writing a Node.js API to streamline the data into a solid web view,” Sidharrth added.

More features and functionality will be added to the Putih Flag application, such as the ability to mark white flag reports with a “positive” or “compatible” vote. In the current application, these features are visible but do not yet work.

Vulcan Post has contacted the developers of the Bendera Putih app for more information on its development and will update the article accordingly once they respond.

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