Sculpt Nation Burn Reviews – Does it The Best Fat Burner? Or There Better Alternatives?


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There’s no industry as fickle as weight loss. Products pop out of the woodwork and disappear in months. These are basically ‘Hype and Encash’ businesses that spend a bomb on marketing. Suddenly, you will find the internet flooded with ‘reviews’ that talk about how great they are and how quickly you get to notice the effects.

In most cases, the products manage to sell thousands of bottle in a short span of time and then disappear, only to reappear under a new brand name with the same ingredients. What’s funny is that many a time, they even retain the branding.

In the past one year or two, one name that we have come across very frequently is Sculpt Nation. Suddenly, there’s a spurt in the number of positive sculpt nation reviews. While they have a wide range of products, most of these reviews are about their bestselling product called ‘Burn’.

NOTE: We currently recommend LeanBean over Sculptnation Burn. Here’s why=>

As made obvious by the name, Burn is a fat burner that claims to torch stubborn fat deposits in both men and women. Having reviewed fat loss products for a long time, Burn’s attractive branding and great website copy caught our attention.

We warranted that it was time for a closer look.

What is Sculpt Nation Burn?

Sculpt Nation Burn is a weight loss supplement, also called a ‘Fat Burner’ in health and fitness lingo. It claims to work in three ways.

  1. It increases the mobilization of stored body fat deposits, making them available to be burnt as fuel.
  2. It claims to amp up the metabolism ever so slightly, so that these recently mobilized fat cells are quickly oxidized and used as fuel.
  3. It reduces hunger pangs. So that you can stick to your intended daily calorie goal.

In theory, that sounds great. There are many natural fat burners that use this exact same biological process to increase lipolysis. There’s one problem though. Sculpt Nation Burn mentions one thing that makes its claims sound a little sketchy.

It mentions that it can increase the production of Brown Adipose Tissue, or BAT. For those who are new to this, our bodies have two types of adipose tissue. There’s brown tissue and the white one. Brown Fat is the type of body fat that children have.

It’s healthy fat that begins to burn white fat while it grows. So, if your body has a higher level of brown fat, you’d be pretty ripped. More importantly, you will not have a thick layer of harmful white fat clogging your organs and covering your belly.

The problem with this claim though, is that till date, there have been very few ingredients that are clinically proven to increase the levels of BAT. In fact, we can very well say that we have not seen even a single fat burner that contains natural ingredients capable of increasing BAT.

Some fat burners do contain ingredients that have shown promise in this area of research. But the concentrations at which these ingredients need to be present for the intended result are not present in any product that we’ve seen so far.

What are the ingredients in Sculpt Nation Burn?

On that note, let’s analyze the ingredient label for Sculpt Nation Burn.

Capsimax – Capsimax is a patented, concentrated extract of capsaicinoids that’s sourced generally from chili peppers. It has been one of the most widely researched natural ingredients in the weight loss industry. While it does have its place in increasing resting rate metabolism and possibly, also boosting lipolysis, it does little on its own to increase BAT, which seems to be one of the primary claims that Sculpt Nation makes. That said, you do not necessarily need the concentrated extract called Capsimax for this to work. You can get the same effects with any supplement containing capsaicinoids, the active ingredient.

Yohimbine Hydrochloride – This natural extract is actually an alpha-2-receptor antagonist (a2-blocker) that’s very similar to caffeine in its action. In other words, it’s a potent stimulant that amplifies your energy expenditure. So, you are bound to feel the effects of this in the form of increased body temperature and mild tremors. Will it help you drop body fat? Yes. It will. But generally, we prefer fat burners without Yohimbine because it causes far too many unpleasant side effects.

Grains of Paradise – An African spice that’s also called Guinea Pepper. There are a couple of clinical studies that show a minor increase in energy expenditure and a reduction in harmful visceral fat. But when you have Yohimbine in the formula, you don’t really need another thermogenic ingredient. So we feel that this is a fancy addition and will be table dressed.

Caffeine – Needs no introduction. This is probably the cheapest fat burner in the world. But in Sculpt Nation, there’s Yohimbine and Caffeine. You are likely to feel jittery all day.

EGCG – Epigallocatechin Gallate. That’s a fancy term for Green Tea Extracts. This is our favorite ingredient in Sculpt Nation Burn. It works and it is all the more effective when clubbed with Caffeine.

After taking a good look at that ingredient list, we feel that while it does have the potential to work, it might cause a few problems for the average person.

You see, it contains a copious dose of Yohimbine and tops it up with a healthy dose of Caffeine and EGCG. That combination is as good as using an ECA Stack. But the reason why most people refrain from using it is because it’s too much to handle.

Besides, we didn’t find a single ingredient in there that can increase BAT. What was that all about?

Sculpt Nation Burn Customer Reviews

Sculpt Nation is one of the most aggressively advertised brands on the internet. If you have searched for fat loss products before, then every time you hop on to YouTube, or any Google partner site, get ready to be bombarded with Sculpt Nation Burn adverts.

So, even if there are reviews that talk about how it’s not as effective as it is cracked up to be, you are less likely to find it right away. You will have to do a little digging to find the real reviews. As expected, most messaging boards are crammed with posts that talk about how Burn is an overpriced and hyped supplement.

There are some people who mention that getting a double espresso shot before your workout might be a cheaper way to lose weight, which is kind of true.


Sculpt Nation Burn evolved is priced at $49.00. That’s not too high. We have seen worse products being peddled for a lot more.

But what you’ve got to ask yourself if whether you are willing to pay $49 for a bunch of stimulants at best. Why not pay a little more and get yourself a more effective fat burner that will get the job done?

Sculpt Nation Burn Verdict

We feel that Sculpt Nation Burn makes some tall claims but has little to back them up. For instance, the claim that their formula increases BAT seems to be hype. There’s not one ingredient in that list that is scientifically linked to BAT.

Having said that, it might work to reduce body fat levels mind you. But it may also be one of the most unpleasant weight loss journeys you have ever had due to all those stims.

Fat Burners Popular Alternatives

The summer is almost here and a lot of us are still struggling to lose our ‘pandemic’ bodies. We understand the desperation behind looking for fat burners that claim to help us cut our body fat levels in weeks.

However, this is probably the most likely time when people get fobbed off. It is important that you do your research to separate the chaff from the wheat, and stick to time-tested products that have been around for a while.

We are going to share with you, three such products. The first one is LeanBean.

#1. LeanBeanBest Alternative for Women

There are very few health supplements that are designed exclusively for women. That’s the reason LeanBean caught our attention. At first glance, we thought that this is probably a gimmick.

How on earth would someone design a fat loss product purely for women? More importantly, why do it?

But when we read the research behind LeanBean, we were convinced. There are studies that show that women are 2x likelier to be obese as compared to men. This is primarily because of one thing. Women are predisposed to unhealthy snacking.

LeanBean’s formula is designed to address this problem first. But it’s not a glorified hunger suppressant mind you. It has 11-natural ingredients that also amp up the metabolism (slightly) and ensures that they have a consistent flow of energy that lasts all day.

If you notice the description, there are no fancy claims. They do not claim that they can increase BAT or have some patented ingredient that can magically torch belly fat. It’s pure science and that’s what makes it so effective. (LeanBean full review)

LeanBean Ingredients vs. Sculpt Nation Burn Ingredients

So, what are the 11 ingredients in the LeanBean formula that make it an effective fat burner for women?

Choline – Choline is a powerful neurotransmitter that increases the communication between cells. It is also very effective at breaking down stubborn fat deposits which makes them available for lipolysis. Choline is also quite useful for reducing hunger, by the way. This makes it a doubly effective addition to Sculpt Nation Burn.

Chloride – When you lose weight and eat fewer calories, you will begin to urinate a lot more. That’s normal purging though. However, it’s important to keep your chloride levels in check.

Glucomannan – Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber that absorbs water and slows down digestion. As a result, you will feel full for a much longer time duration. Now, a lot of appetite suppressant supplements contain tiny fragments of Glucommanan. But with LeanBean, you get 3 grams. This is the safest way to curb your hunger. As an added perk, it will also reduce blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels from the small intestine.

B6 & B12 – When you stop binge eating sugary snacks and calorie bombs, your body begins to undergo a series of changes. One of the first changes that you might notice is that  your mood worsens. B-Vitamins will keep your mental functioning at its optimum. You will also have consistent energy levels.

Garcinia Cambogia – We are sure that you’ve heard of this before. It is a flavoring agent that’s used in Asian cuisine that’s been linked with lowered visceral fat. Garcinia also has a bevy of other benefits mind you.

Chromium Picolinate – Chromium Picolinate helps control insulin levels. Insulin is one of the most critical hormones to keep in check if you are looking to burn fat. There are some supplements that claim that Chromium can also burn fat directly. That’s not true. LeanBean makes no such claims.

The other ingredients – As if the above mentioned ingredients weren’t good enough already, it also contains Piperine, Green Coffee Bean extract, Acai Berry & Turmeric. This is a very powerful blend with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory phytonutrients and a tiny amount of caffeine.

LeanBean – Pricing

LeanBean is priced at $59 for a one-month supply. That may be $10 more than what Sculpt Nation Burn costs. But the ingredient list should have given you a fair idea of how different these two products are.

You get a home workout guide free with every order.

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Final Verdict – LeanBean vs. Sculpt Nation Burn

LeanBean will keep your hunger in control and it will keep your energy levels consistently good all day. Moreover, most women will like the lower caffeine content because it helps them avoid jitters.

#2. PhenQ – Best Alternative for Men

The second product that we would like to recommend is PhenQ. PhenQ was launched in 2012. For a weight loss product to be in the market for 9 years is no mean feat. Most products that were launched before PhenQ and long after, have been discontinued.

The credit goes partly to Wolfson Berg Limited, the manufacturers. They are one of Europe and Germany’s top nutritional supplement brand. They have consistently stretched the envelope of natural and safe performance enhancement.

As a result, PhenQ contains only natural ingredients. It is not as strong as some of the other products sold in fancy bottles. But you can be rest assured that this will not cause any serious toxic side effects. (PhenQ full review)

In the end, that’s what matters, doesn’t it?

PhenQ Ingredients vs. Sculpt Nation Burn

We would like to mention that PhenQ’s ingredient list has changed over the years. As newer ingredients continued to be discovered in the weight loss space, the brand’s R&D team would quickly integrate it into the formula.

So, PhenQ in 2021 is a lot stronger than the PhenQ that was available 9-years ago.

Caffeine anhydrous – The first ingredient is good old coffee in a dehydrated form for easier absorption. It is a safe stimulant that will boost your metabolism slightly and give you the energy and focus you need for intense workouts.

Calcium carbonate – No, this is not added to PhenQ for building stronger bones. Also that is an innate benefit. However, it will also help you drop fat.

Nopal – Nopal is the Glucomannan alternative in PhenQ. While Glucomannan is extracted from Yam, Nopal comes from a form of cactus. Just like Glucomannan, it absorbs water and is very effective at reducing hunger.

Capsimax Powder – The ingredient that forms the base of Sculpt Nation Burn is not even mentioned here as the primary one. It’s just an addition to the formula for some added thermogenesis and belly fat reduction.

Chromium picolinate – Good old Chromium for some insulin control. Keeps your sugar levels from going wayward and inhibiting fat loss.

Piperine extracts – While the rest of the ingredients keep you full and up your resting metabolic rate, Piperine will block the production of new fat cells. So even if your diet slips occasionally, PhenQ has you covered.

PhenQ Pricing vs Sculpt Nation Burn

PhenQ is priced at $69.95 for a one-month supply. This makes it slightly more expensive than both the brands that we’ve covered so far. However, given the long track record and the proven ingredient list, we don’t think that pinching pennies is apt over here.

If you buy two bottles, you get the third one for free for just $139.95.

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Final Verdict – PhenQ vs. Sculpt Nation Burn

PhenQ is a no-brainer choice. It blows Sculpt Nation Burn straight out of the park with its track record and its incredibly effective ingredient list. True, you’d have to pay a few dollars more. But as we said, the price is rarely an indicator of quality. If that were the case, we wouldn’t be speaking about alternatives to Sculpt Nation Burn, would we?

#3. ZOTRIMBest Appetite Suppressant Alternative

The final alternative is Zotrim. Now, most fat burners these days look to cover all the bases. They want it to be an appetite suppressant, a metabolism booster as well as a stimulant, all at the same time.

Zotrim keeps things simple. It is a powerful appetite blocker. For a lot of people, that’s the biggest challenge. They don’t necessarily need a powerful stimulant to lose fat. They can do their cardio just fine. But they cannot control binge eating.

Zotrim takes care of that. A normal Zotrim dose at the start of the day will keep you satiated for hours. Be it calorie adherence or carb reduction or full blown Keto, it will be the perfect adjuvant in your weight loss journey.

ZOTRIM Ingredients vs. Sculpt Nation Burn

In case you wondered, Zotrim is one of the top weight management supplements in United Kingdom. It was launched in 2006. So it’s almost 15 years in the business.

This is the reason why. It has just three ingredients. That’s Yerba Mate, Damiana & Guarana, also called YDG.

This is hands down, the most effective blend of appetite blockers that we’ve seen. In fact, there’s a clinical study that shows how subjects lost 11 lb. in 45 days with this exact blend.

Damiana – Damiana is a South American shrub that is been the subject of research for a variety of uses. The most notable ones, are blood sugar management and as a non-addictive relaxant. But it is also very effective at cleansing your system. Also, works phenomenally well with the other two ingredients to increase satiety.

Yerba Mate – Another South American herb that has been used forever in folk medicine. Apart from curbing your appetite, it also prevents your body from storing the surplus energy as fat cells. In other words, even if you somehow manage to stuff yourself with junk, Yerba mate adds another filter to prevent fat gain. Added benefit – Keeps you feeling great.

Guarana – Gaurana is a much more tolerable source of caffeine that will keep your energy levels elevated all day. It’s a very mild stimulant though.

Zotrim Customer Reviews

Zotrim is one of the top rated weight loss supplement in United Kingdom. It has been around for over a decade and a half and the reviews have remained consistently good.

That’s because it is nothing fancy. It is a clinically proven blend that keeps you full. That’s it. Most customer reviews speak about how easy it is to adhere to their nutrition plans after using Zotrim. It helps them to stay full all day even with one single dose.

ZOTRIM Pricing vs. Sculpt Nation Burn

A one month supply of Zotrim is priced at $59.99. Just like the other brands, you get a month’s supply for free when you buy two or three month supplies.

So, it’s not as cheap as Sculp Nation Burn. But it’s certainly more effective.

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Final Verdict – ZOTRIM vs. Sculpt Nation Burn

Zotrim is a terrific weight loss supplement for anyone who struggles to curb their calorific intake. It’s clinically proven to help people reduce almost 11 lb. in about a month and a half. Club that with exercise and you will drop the pounds like a bad habit.

How to ensure that you pick the right Fat Burner?

The weight loss industry is an unscrupulous one. There are about 2000 products out there vying for your attention. But each one of them is a mirror replica of the other. The same ingredients, the same marketing copy, just different colors.

That’s why it’s crucial to cut through all that fluff to find the real products that work. That’s what this guide will show you.

What does it contain?

Every Fat Burner will claim to be a metabolism booster and a thermogenic fat burner and an appetite suppressant. That’s because these are the three most important aspects of weight loss that people struggle with. But, there’s rarely a product that ticks all three of these boxes equally well. To understand what kind of product you are looking at, analyze the ingredient list closely.

  1. Appetite suppressants – Glucomannan, Yerba Mate & Nopal are the ones that we can think of now.
  2. Stimulants/Metabolism boosters – Caffeine, Gaurana, Yohimibine, Capsimax, Garcinia Cambogia, Piperine, Green Tea Extracts
  3. Vitamins – B-Vitamins primarily.

Anything else is probably a filler or a synthetic and must be considered a red flag.

What do customer reviews talk about it?

We highly recommend that you buy from brands that have been around for at least five years. This helps you avoid the fly-by-night companies. Moreover, if any brand has been around for that long, then you have ample customer reviews to go by. This includes both, positive and negative reviews by the way. So you will get an unbiased picture of whether it works or not. Check where the products are manufactured. How good are the facilities? Plus 1 for products made in the USA & UK.

Do it contain anything that can trigger side effects?

Every brand wants you to believe that their products will not cause any side effects. But they usually do. Even the mildest ones do. For instance, Sculpt Nation Burn contains a copious amount of yohimbine. It is bound to cause tremors and jitters. There’s no way you can avoid it. But you can certainly be aware of the side effects. Does it contain caffeine? Be aware of the potential sides. Does it contain any ingredients that you are allergic to?

Sculpt Nation Burn Review – Conclusion

Sculpt Nation Burn is probably one of the cheapest fat burners out there. That’s probably part of the appeal. A lot of young folks fall for the low prices and the branding. But as you’d know by now, there are much better alternatives.

We just showed you three of them. Do your research and select one that best matches your fitness goals. Good luck.

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