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It is finally here in my hands …From Samsung second version of its flip phone, more than a year after the first release of the Z Flip. (See our review on Samsung’s first case phone design here.)

I’m talking about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, which has a cool look and feel. As for why Samsung jumped straight to Z Flip3 without ever launching a Z Flip2, maybe it’s just to match the Z Fold3 version and make the two units easier for consumers to remember.

At first glance, the Z Flip3 deployed does not look too different from its predecessor, at least from the front. But grab it, and you’ll soon notice that the back of the phone is almost 80% matte, except for the cover screen.

It looks and feels good

The matte metallic finish gives it a very soft premium feel and while it’s not a strong 183g phone, it still feels solid and durable.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any of the more vivid colors, but we did get the Phantom Black variant. However, the intense color added to the luxurious look of the phone.

At the back is also the cover screen, which has renewed its design. For one thing, it’s much bigger than it was on the Z Flip.

It went from 1.1 inches with 112 × 300 px to 1.9 inches with 260 × 512 px. This means you can see a lot more on the cover screen, which is useful when you only want to see notifications, time or time, change music, and more, without opening your phone.

With a larger cover screen, simpler designs can also be displayed

You’ll also notice that the dual cameras have been rearranged vertically to give the phone a more streamlined look. The small bump has also been removed and they now integrate seamlessly into the side of the cover screen.

Maintain what worked with minor updates

That has it’s been quite a while since I last played the Z Flip, so it seemed to me that the Z Flip3 was much taller than its predecessor, but when checking its specs, it’s exactly the same height.

The screen is still 6.7 inches, but its screen-to-body ratio has increased by about 2.5% and now only makes 85%. Compared to other Samsung phones like the S21 Ultra, which has an 89.8% screen-to-body ratio, it’s clear that the Z Flip3 has thicker bezels. This could be due to the need, however, to bolster the Z Flip3’s flexible display.

It’s a long phone, but easy to write with one hand

Its height may remain unchanged, but its screen got an upgrade to a 2X Dynamic Foldable AMOLED with a 120Hz refresh rate. It also has a screen brightness of 1,200 nights, which greatly increases the clarity of anything on the screen.

I remember being impressed by the two Z Flip cameras and that since the Z Flip3 has exactly the same ones, there’s nothing to complain about here. The photos taken came out very detailed and were vibrant (sometimes too saturated, but this can change after capture).

However, the selfie camera of the predecessor did not impress me, and my opinion remains unchanged, as the same selfie camera of the Z Flip3.

A form of clam that has not aged

Even the most interesting part of the phone: its foldability. I don’t remember exactly how the Z Flip felt in my hands when I folded and unfolded it, but the hinges of the Z Flip3 make the experience very smooth.

Given that they have to withstand the years of folding and unfolding, you may be wondering if they are “adjusted” to compensate for the detachment that time entails. Well, they are not. They have the right amount of voltage that the phone does not open or close on its own when you give it a little push.

Look at me, hands free!

I would say the Z Flip actually had faster “hinges” because I remember opening or closing the rest of the way with just one push, but I can’t do the same with the Z Flip3. It’s much more comfortable to use both hands, especially if you don’t want to accidentally damage the screen.

And speaking of adventures, yes, there’s still the half-screen gap where the phone folds. Personally I have no problem with it as it does not inhibit the regular use of my phone.

The 3,300mAh battery hasn’t changed either, and it’s generally big enough to withstand a day or more of light but frequent use.

Unlike the Z Fold3 which now has support for S Pen, the Z Flip3 does not yet have one. But to be fair, it’s a longer than wide phone, so the lack of this feature doesn’t really take away from the overall experience.

From first impressions, the Z Flip3 is certainly an attractive phone, but is it worth changing or updating it, if you have one? Stay tuned for our full review coming out soon so you can decide for yourself.

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