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From time to time, you’ll come across a business that makes you pause and scratch your confused head, wondering, “Why does this exist?” it was one of those businesses and we were curious to reach out and look for answers.

Shirleen, the founder, answered our questions. “My dog, Zephyr, is a very picky eater. Therefore, it should do so [rack my brain] about what to feed her almost every day and whether she would be okay with today’s food. He gets bored of things so easily that I can’t repeat two meals, otherwise he will reject them directly ”.

Therefore, Zephyr’s delicacy along with Shirleen’s itch to create something new resulted in a creation that offers dogs a quality dining experience.

Is it safe for dogs?

Locally, the other business that uses the term “gastronomic food” as a concept of pet food REFINE for Perfect Companion, which serves packaged gourmet cat food.

The difference Shirleen has with pet food is that she will actually cook the food on the spot, beach it well on a porcelain plate and customers will be able to receive it by picking up or delivering.

Shirleen and Zephyr, the dog with a taste for luxury food / Image Credit:

Currently, he only has one dish on the menu, which is his scalded duck breast accompanied by a duck sauce and blueberry compote, combined with mashed potatoes, beets, zucchini, carrot slices and edible violets.

While you can raise your eyebrows about the safety these ingredients have for dogs, Shirleen has researched. Also, as a dog lover, you are unlikely to intentionally feed unsafe ingredients on Zephyr, let alone other dogs.

That list of the human foods that are safe for dogs include the ingredients found in Shirleen’s dish and other things such as beets, Courgette, mashed potatoes, even violets they are safe for dog consumption.

He is interested in the culinary arts

Shirleen’s passion for experimenting with food didn’t come out of nowhere, as she has a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts and food service management (Hons.) From Taylor’s Lakeside University.

But his interest in the culinary arts went far beyond that. He grew up in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, and from a young age saw his parents work their magic with food, as they were also in the hospitality industry.

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“Growing up, he was not the brightest of children. My results were just so effective, but I had a lot of fun doing what I love in this field and I got it by making sure I was on the deans list for 5 semesters, ”Shirleen said proudly.

“My internships were also a lot of fun! Having done internships in a 5-star hotel and a centralized pastry kitchen as part of my degree requirements were fantastic experiences. ”

Beyond the academic world, he would experiment with different ingredients and coating techniques in his spare time so as not to lose touch with his artistic side. He currently works full-time as an assistant store manager at a burger.

A mission that pet lovers can accomplish

“When I thought about creating, I thought I would like pets to be included in everything.”

“In Malaysia, above all, there are not many places where they can be labeled with us. So the least we could do is do something fun or unusual for them, ”Shirleen said, and she’s right. There are only so many places that allow pets you can bring your furry friends, let alone provide them with a unique dining experience.

Since gourmet food is also about the experience and not just the food, Shirleen includes folded candles and napkins in the kitchen she offers to help homeowners enhance the experience.

This duck dish she now has costs 45 RMS, not including shipping (Shirleen uses Lalamove and GrabExpress). But it generally recommends pick-ups for deliveries so owners can make sure the ingredients don’t break and ruin.

Different Ways to Coat Duck Dish / Image Credit:

“While I am juggling my full-time job, it is not known how many time slots I will have per week. However, each batch will have around 10 series at most, ”Shirleen replied when asked about her schedule for

“At the moment, I am thinking twice a month, as I am tired of preparing everything, from scratch to packaging. And, no matter how much I like to do it, I would also love to rest in my days away from home ”.

He is not yet a money winner

Like humans, dogs don’t need to eat well all the time, so Shirleen is mostly booked in advance for special dog occasions, especially birthdays.

It is also a company with a small target market made up of owners who really want to spoil their pets. The above, along with the fact that it’s a passion project done on its own time, means Shirleen doesn’t gain much from it.

R&D of some ideas you have below for a new gastronomic menu / Image credit:

It looks like his full time job remains his main focus and will remain a side project he will continue to explore for now.

Since gourmet food is usually best represented with dining experiences, we asked him if he would ever open a physical store so dogs and owners could visit.

Shirleen responded that she hadn’t thought about it yet, in addition to the pandemic and dinner restrictions, she’s unlikely to be able to retire soon.

For this short-lived entrepreneur, just having a proper installation at home and being able to pull off her passion project has been good enough.

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