Royal Marsden will deliver the digital health record to Great Ormond Street


The Royal Marsden has announced a partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital to deliver a new digital health record.

Developed by Epic, the digital health record (DHR) will replace the electronic patient record of trust in cancer research and aims to support safe care.

Through the partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), Royal Marsden hopes to exploit the “digital excellence, technologies and learning” that GOSH did through its clinically targeted DHR implementation in 2019.

The new DHR is part of the Royal Marsden Digital Transformation Program and will begin in August, and the new Epic system will come into operation through the trust starting in March 2023.

The initiative means both trusts will have access to a world-class DHR that supports safe, high-quality care. The platform will also support research, innovation and education.

Lisa Emery, head of information at Royal Marsden, said: “From faster access to patient records to better availability of documentation and a patient portal, the new system we plan to develop in collaboration with GOSH will significantly improve patient outcomes, safety, and experience. .

“It will also give us more access to accurate real-time health information at our fingertips, which will improve our existing life-saving research capabilities. Overall, the new system will help us access our digital records more easily, at to work more efficiently and to prescribe more safely, for the benefit of both trusted staff and patients. “

GOSH will also benefit from the collaboration; by working together on future developments, you will be able to better care for patients and save money.

By pooling skills, experience and resources, both organizations will be able to maximize the benefits provided by DHR.

It is another positive step for the digital transformation of The Royal Marden, following the announcement in March of a paperless document clinical trial management system.

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