Review of the VidaCap – LA Weekly mushroom supplement


Mushroom supplements have recently become a hot topic, driven by a rise in the health and wellness industry.

Humans have consumed various species of mushrooms for millennia, and some civilizations discovered their health potential at first. Now, armed with science, the Western world has come to recognize the various benefits of mushrooms.

That said, for all its health properties, mushrooms are controversial. Many people, myself included, don’t like the unusual taste and texture. I know supposedly different species are different in terms of their flavor, but I find that mushrooms, in general, are gummy. So how does someone like me get the benefits of edible mushrooms? The answer is clear: capsules.

VidaCap is one of the hottest mushroom supplement brands on the market right now, offering simple, straightforward capsules full of mushroom goodness. I have tried these products to find out how beneficial mushrooms can be.

Mushroom capsules are in vogue

There are many reasons to incorporate mushrooms into your diet. In general, mushrooms usually have a high content of beneficial compounds called beta-glucans (or b-glucans), which can support a healthy immune system. It should be noted that humans cannot produce these compounds naturally, which means we have to get them from our diet.

In addition, mushrooms are low in calories but rich in other nutrients such as vitamin D, fiber and more. Specific species of mushrooms can provide other benefits. For example, crimson mushrooms are full of zinc, while lion’s mane is relatively high in protein.

He VidaCap brand sells organic mushroom capsules loaded with mushroom powder. There are options for purchasing unique mushrooms and a blend designed specifically for sleeping. While there are other brands, the VidaCap blend is an exciting product that I couldn’t find anywhere else. As a result, it seems to already excel in the mushroom capsule category.

About VidaCap

The brand is found in America, although it grows mushrooms in China and Russia. Specifically, Chaga mushrooms come from Russia and the rest of China. VidaCap grows them in a closed greenhouse system, with an emphasis on natural cultivation and organic products.

After harvest, VidaCap growers dry the mushrooms in the sun before crushing them into powder for use in the capsules. They do not use mushroom extract, believing that the whole plant is the most beneficial way to consume mushrooms.

It is worth noting that VidaCap uses the fruiting bodies of mushrooms instead of the mycelium. According to the research I did before trying mushroom supplements, fruiting bodies are much more nutritious and beneficial, so this is good. However, the most frequently asked questions indicate that cordyceps dust comes from the mycelium due to the unique growing habits of this species.

VidaCap’s mushroom growing process looks fantastic, but what really sold me were the lab tests. This brand tests all batches of mushrooms to ensure quality, testing heavy metals and microorganisms and ensuring a high level of purity with each product. Many supplement brands do not care about this step, although it is crucial.

Another thing I loved was the customer service. VidaCap offers a flat rate for shipping across the US, at a cost of $ 5. After you place your order, you have 30 days to return the product and receive a full refund, even if you have opened and tested the product. This is part of VidaCap’s satisfaction guarantee. It’s an extra layer of security that will get you your money.

What products does VidaCap offer?

VidaCap currently offers two types of products: pure mushrooms and mushroom blends. The first consists of organic mushroom capsules containing a unique species. VidaCap currently sells:

  • Lion hair
  • Chaga
  • Turkey tail
  • Cordyceps
  • Reishi

Each consists of a bottle with 60 capsules, each tablet contains 750 mg of powdered mushrooms. VidaCap has written useful product descriptions on the website, explaining what each species does.

I tried the cordyceps mushrooms, which he says are good for energy, performance and endurance. I go to the gym a lot, so I thought it would be a good choice for me. As it turns out, me did they feel remarkably different after the first two days. My sets were longer and I lifted more weight – I can’t tell if it was placebo or not, but I felt a change.

Meanwhile, the only mushroom mix currently in stock is the Sleep option. It contains a unique blend of reishi mushrooms, valerian root and melatonin. I gave it to my partner, who has trouble sleeping. Again, it seemed to work pretty well and foster a good night’s sleep.

One thing we loved about VidaCap capsules was that they are vegetarian. I don’t eat a lot of meat, so it was ideal for my diet.

Final thoughts on VidaCap

All in all, I enjoyed trying out the VidaCap products. They are reasonably priced, under $ 30 per bottle (only $ 24 for 60 capsules of pure mushrooms!), So I might even consider buying them again.

Given the quality of the mushrooms and capsules, the uniqueness of the mushroom blend and the customer service, I would recommend VidaCap as one of the best brands of organic mushroom capsules. Personally, I just hope they can pull it off below.

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