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Ever since I tried the Jabra Elite 3 a month ago, it has been my ideal pair of wireless (TW) headphones for listening to music and watching shows.

While it was an economical pair of the brand without ambient noise cancellation (ANC), its quality was good enough for me thanks to its clear audio and comfortable fit. So when they gave me a chance to review it Jabra Elite 7 Pro, the latest pair of TW premium headphones from the brand, I had no doubt.

First glances

Like the previous models, the box came with black headphones, 3 different EarGels (ear tips), a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, and a notice and statement booklet. No manuals are included, but you can find it in the Jabra Sound + app.

The case shape of the Elite 7 Pro is arguably the most different variation from its predecessors. Although it is still pill-shaped, it now bears what Jabra calls an “ultra-compact design,” where the top and bottom halves are the same height, unlike the rest, which were heavy at the bottom.

Honestly, the shape change makes it harder to open with one hand, I still haven’t found the right grip to do it, mostly because it’s also a bit slippery.

However, opening the lid with 2 hands, you will find the buds comfortably housed, which were similar in size to the Jabra Elite 3. But apparently, they are the smallest Jabra headphones so far, which I appreciated and didn’t feel the usual boring pain I usually have when wearing intra-ear headphones.

Charging was very easy and took about 2 hours to fully charge which promises 8 hours of uninterrupted play. I only had to bring the case battery to 100% when I first received it and I didn’t need to do it after 5 days of use (on average about 4 hours / day).

In addition, the case can also be charged wirelessly with Qi-compatible accessories, which are great if you’re on the go.

Of course, the headphones had to be charged more often by putting them in the holster. Jabra claims it can quickly charge up to 1.2 hours of use in just 5 minutes. So far, I can’t prove them wrong.

Testing wireless charging with my Samsung S10e


Connecting them for the first time, I finally understood what my colleague meant when she said, “I’ve never heard all the individual instruments in my music before,” about the Elite 75t.

The sound quality of the Elite 7 Pro had bright vocals, sharp treble and deep bass, which was a pleasant listening experience for my usual pop music. Of course, you can customize your favorite EQ in the app or use Jarba gifts, but these features were very underused in my hands.

Screenshots of the app’s customization capabilities

It’s mainly because I don’t ask much for my headphones. As long as the audio sounded clear and well balanced, it was good enough for me.

While I’m someone who appreciates being aware of my environment and therefore not a fan of the ANC, the Elite 7 Pro has since changed its mind.

The thing is, my neighbors have been doing some heavy renovations and the piercing noise of the drill was drowned out by the headphones effortlessly. Like the 85t, ANC can also be adjusted with this model to suit the noise level of your environment.

More features that I personally found advantageous with the Elite 7 Pro are its auto-pause capabilities when a headset is removed from the ear and its mono mode. It’s where I could only use a headset to watch my videos while I’m lying on one side, keeping the other side secure in its holster.

They are small but powerful

Like its predecessors, the Elite 7 Pro also has physical buttons that I appreciate, as it wouldn’t accidentally activate any function when I adjusted my hair.

New additions

Jabra has installed a bone conduction technology, called MultiSensor Voice, that supposedly cancels the wind to improve call quality.

According to Jabra, bone conduction technology is used to transmit voice through the vibrations of the jaw. The branding algorithm then uses the best combination of bone conduction sensor and microphones to convey the best clarity of the call.

When it was tested, my interlocutor reported that he could hear me loud and clear, saying that it sounded very close to the microphone. I didn’t even speak so loud to begin with, and that’s with the bell on my stove at full suction power in the next room and some background music playing.

I could also hear my person calling me very clearly, with no background noise from his side. So it can be said that MultiSensor voice and noise filtering technology for call function did their job and did it well.

Comfortably housed in your case

Another novelty that Jabra has added to its Elite 7 Pro headphones is the IP57 rating. It’s a step further than the 85t’s IPX4 rating, where the X means “not tested for dust,” while the 4 means they can withstand light splashes and sweat.

With that in mind, the Elite 7 Pro’s headphones can survive submersion in water 1 meter deep for 30 minutes and are almost dust-tight. Obviously, I wasn’t brave enough to go swimming with them, but I did have some confidence in getting them under the tap to clean up the dust.

However, the cover is not waterproof, so you should dry the shoots before putting them back on.


As for my judgment on the sound quality of the shoots, I would say that Jabra’s Elite 7 Pro is at the height of the 85th. The upgrades you get from the Elite 7 Pro are longer battery life, lighter and smaller headphones, waterproofing, along with clearer call quality.

And for 999 RM, is a worthy deal for me when compared to the RM1,049 of the 85t.

If I had one bad thing to say about the Elite 7 Pro, it would be the fact that I am not able to worry about the case opening and closing the lid with one hand.

This obviously has nothing to do with the performance or quality of the headphones, and in my experience so far, I actually find little flaw with the pair.

Pros Cons
Effective ANC Difficult to open and close with one hand
Clear and well-balanced sound quality Overwhelmingly customizable for an average user
Amazing call quality
Comfortable fit
Totally waterproof
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