Research Consortium Announces Availability of Comprehensive Face Mask Guide for Employers


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My name is Richard Nicholasa and I’ve been in the healthcare field for more than forty years and I am writing to you today to tell you about a new publication of mine, and the new face mask that I invented, to see if you might be interested in writing about either.  I think they would be of interest to your readers.

Please find attached The Definitive Employer Guide to Purchasing Face Masks for Your Valued Employees.  At 70+ it is the most comprehensive discussion of this topic.  Aptly entitled, this piece covers everything from viral transmission to antimicrobial filtration technologies to proper mask design to methods by which to mitigate new employer regulatory compliance requirements.
When COVID-19 hit my partners and I were in the process of raising funds for the Research Consortium (an emerging industry-wide research initiative focused on helping health plan sponsors evaluate new medical technologies and health innovations …and facilitating more, smarter and less costly clinical studies.)  Stopped in our track, we decided to leverage out expansive industry contacts to fund our initiative by distributing face masks to employers through health insurers.   We couldn’t find a face mask that was intended to provide any meaningful degree of protection for the wearer…so I not only wrote the guide…I invented a new type of face mask: just filed the patent application last week.\

This crisis is not going away anytime soon and wearing a face mask is key to the solution.  There is an enormous amount of misinformation circulating about COVID-19, its transmission and face masks…and people are naturally confused.  Moreover, a great deal of legislation that impacts employers has been enacted that most are unaware of.  This document is up-to-date and contains everything that anyone needs to know about the topic.  To research it, I worked with dozens of scientists, academics and experts from around the globe.  It is backed up by 175+ sources that are all referenced in the document.

Health insurers, managed care organizations, health plan administrators and benefit consultants are invited to distribute the guide to their clients as a way to advance a greater understanding of COVID-19, its transmission and ways that a face mask may be used to reduce community spread and possibly protect the wearer.

To download the document, go to To request permission to co-brand it, email the author Richard Nicholas at [email protected]

The TPA Network Research Consortium is an emerging industry-wide research initiative to help health plan sponsors evaluate new medical technologies and health innovations …by conducting much needed payor-focused translational research and facilitating more, smarter and less costly clinical studies.


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